Handleset Door Lock Silver Spring

Handleset Door Lock Silver Spring

Project Description

We recently replaced a handleset door lock for a Silver Spring, MD homeowner. The client asked for a residential locksmith to come over because their front door handleset was stuck in the locked position. The doorknob turned when unlocked, yet did not open the door. We dismantled the handleset and saw the issue was with the latch’s spring. The internal mechanism had rusted and worn from years of service and would likely break again sometime soon. So instead of repairing it, we suggested installing a new handleset. We measured the strike plate holes to determine which hardware would fit into them. We returned the next day to install the new hardware. The client was pleased with how the new handleset had improved their door’s security and look.

Is your home secure? Loose or rattling locks, misaligned latches and strike plates, and jammed locks or door knobs that do not engage correctly can pose a security threat to your home. Although you may be able to repair a lock by simply replacing faulty or worn parts, there are times when you cannot save it. How do you tell when your door handleset is due for replacement?

When to Change Your Handleset Door Lock

When the door hardware is broken

Sometimes we try to make do with door hardware that is broken or malfunctional. For example, maybe the deadbolt sticks a little bit. Or maybe it latches, but only when we tug on it and hold the door closed while we turn the key. If damage has only occurred to a few parts of your lock, replacing those individual parts may be possible rather than replacing the entire lock. However, a replacement will be necessary if the lock is broken.

When you have moved into a new house

The first thing you should do when moving into a new house is changing the locks. The previous owners had the opportunity to leave keys with their friends or family members, so do not take any chances. By choosing the right handleset lock for your door, you can be sure that it is secure, and there is no way anyone can just walk in any time they want.

When there are break-ins

After a break-in, it is just right to replace your locks! When intruders enter your home, they can damage your locks or figure out how to pick those locks. Not replacing them will leave your property vulnerable to repeat forced entry attempts. MacArthur Locks & Doors installs high-quality door locks if you want to upgrade security and restrict unauthorized access to your home.

If your keys got stolen or lost

Keys are an important part of home security, so it is crucial to take care of them. Whether you are constantly misplacing your keys or they have been stolen, you need to take action to protect your property. The best way to ensure your home is safe from intruders is to replace your door locks. 

When it is time for an upgrade

Smart locks are a great option for anyone who wants to improve their home security. They are easy to install and guaranteed to complement the aesthetics of your home. Replacing old door locks with new ones will boost security and add to the overall style of your property. 

Locksmith Services Near Me

When you are ready to change your door hardware, choosing what is right for you is important. At MacArthur Locks & Doors, you will surely find what you need from our wide range of entry door handlesets. Or you can upgrade and go smarter with smart door locks! Our locksmith team is dedicated to providing your home or business security and privacy. So check out our door and locksmith services today and contact us to request free estimates.

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