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MacArthur Locks & Doors got a call from a fast food establishment in NW Washington, DC, for commercial door repair. We immediately responded and discovered their aluminum glass doors had the most common complaint from the end users: they were not closing all the way. The double doors were rubbing against each other when opened and closed, making it hard to push and pull. We determined that the set screw on top of one of the doors was loose, which caused the latch not to enter the strike plate. To fix the problem, we greased the screw and then secured it in place. We also tightened the threshold screws to provide a firm fit on the floor. After repair, the doors opened freely and closed perfectly.

Storefront doors are essential components of any business, yet they often present their own set of problems. Rubbing when the door opens and closes is a frequent issue that business owners must contend with. Such friction not only causes a nuisance but can also damage the door and lead to a more expensive problem with the entire door system. Therefore, it pays to learn how to repair your rubbing storefront door before the problem worsens.

How to Repair a Rubbing Storefront Door

When your storefront door starts to rub, it can be a huge headache. However, there are some simple tricks that you can attempt to solve the problem before you call for professional help. Here is what you can try first:

Rubbing at the Top and Bottom of Your Commercial Door

An accessible screw at the door's top allows for adjusting the height of a storefront door. To raise the door, turn the screw clockwise using a hand screwdriver. To lower it, give it an anti-clockwise spin. Be cautious when tightening, as too much force could break the glass pane. Use a manual screwdriver for this task instead of an automated one.

Addressing the Rub at the Bottom

It is crucial to monitor the door threshold for its stability. That is especially true for thresholds with three to five screws. When these loosen, it can cause the threshold to lift and rub against the bottom of the door. To fix this issue, you only need to tighten loose screws until the threshold sits flush with the floor.

Straightening Thresholds at the Door's Bottom

A warped threshold can cause the bottom of a door to rub and scrape. To correct this, repeatedly strike the area with a rubber mallet to flatten it out again. However, should the damage be too severe, it is best to call for a commercial door repair. A door specialist may recommend installing a new one with appropriate fitting and sealant.

Rubbing at the Middle Portion of a Commercial Double Storefront Door

Several factors can cause the rubbing of doors—from improper installation to extreme temperature changes. One solution to a rubbing issue is to sandwich a block of wood or plastic (about 1 - 2in" thick) between two doors as they close. Doing so will make them open wider with more space in the middle, forcing them to shut with the block still in place. While this may address minor rubbing issues, it is not typically a permanent fix.

Commercial Door Repair Washington, DC

Have you been having trouble with a rubbing storefront door? MacArthur Locks & Doors provides door replacement and repair services to businesses in the DMV area. Our expert technicians are trained to offer our clients the highest level of service, and we strive to provide the best storefront door repair and installation available. We also offer a full range of commercial locksmith services at fair prices. So no matter your commercial door needs, you can trust us to get them done right the first time. Call us today at (202) 760-4589 for more information.

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