Door Lock Replacement Arlington, VA

Door Lock Replacement Arlington

Project Description

We were contacted by a homeowner in Arlington, VA, for help with their door lock. They explained that the deadbolt lock on their front door would not latch properly. We saw that the old deadbolt's latch assembly had corroded after years of service. It was repairable but would fail again soon, so a door lock replacement was the practical option. We suggested this Schlage single-cylinder deadbolt lock as it matched the satin brass finish of the existing door knob. The client was pleased with the work and pledged to speak highly of our business to their friends and relatives.

Front door locks play an integral role in the home. They provide a quick and secure way of entering and exiting your property. Unfortunately, these mechanisms will break or get damaged over time. A faulty door lock will make it difficult to open the door or secure it when closed. No matter what system you have at home, this is an issue that will affect you at some point.

Top Door Lock Issues

The Door Latch Does Not Align

The door will not shut properly or smoothly when the latch does not catch the strike plate. You can adjust or deepen the strike plate to fix this minor issue. If the case is non-repairable, your next step is to reposition the door and align it with a new lock.

The Key Turns but Does Not Lock

If the key turns but does not lock, the problem may be with the mechanism itself. To check the issue, remove the door lock, and inspect it for worn or fallen parts. We advise that you consult with an expert locksmith to avoid causing further damage to your door.

The Lock Is Frozen

Moisture and a drop in temperature can lead to frozen locks. Do not ever force the key into the lock, or you may break the key. Instead, contact a locksmith for solutions that will not damage your lock or keys.

The Key Is Stuck

There are tons of reasons why a key can get stuck in your lock — from the wrong key to manufacturing defects to rust. While you can try some tricks to fix it, like lubricating or icing the keyhole, it is safer to call in professionals. Pros can easily remove a jammed key without replacing too many components.

The Key Broke Off Inside the Lock

A broken key inside the lock can be easily avoided by being careful when locking and unlocking the door. Slim is the chance you can remove the key yourself without damaging the lock, especially when no part of it is sticking out. But, of course, you do not want to damage the lock, so you must call for a broken key extraction service.

Is It Time to Call a Locksmith?

The security of your home is important. Small things like door locks are some of the biggest factors in that safety. The best way to prevent a problem from worsening is to be aware of its early warning signs. Usually, they would show signs of wear or breakage before anything happened. Therefore, always check your locks occasionally and call MacArthur Locks & Doors at the first sign of trouble.

Locksmith Near Me

MacArthur Locks & Doors offers a wide variety of locksmith services to residents and business owners in the greater DMV area, including Silver Spring and Rockville, MD. Our locksmiths are highly trained and experienced in services like deadbolt installation, lock change, and key replacement. We understand that sometimes things happen and you need immediate assistance, so we offer emergency locksmith service. Call us today for more information on how we can help you.

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