When you make it a habit to secure your doors and windows, you lower your chances of becoming a break-in victim. Most people know the importance of locking their doors while leaving for an extended time. However, it is just as important to lock doors at home, even when you leave for a short time.

If you forget to lock your door or have a weak lock, you are not securing your property as it is meant to be. When you leave the door open, these few minutes can sometimes be longer than expected. Examples include getting the mail, walking the dog, or stopping by a neighbor’s house to chat. Because an experienced thief can rummage through your belongings in a matter of minutes, it is critical to keep yourself safe. If you want to secure yourself and your possessions, you should always lock your doors. So what should you know before hiring a locksmith DC expert, and what can you do to keep your home safe?

Why Should I Keep My Doors Locked?

The more difficult it is for a burglar to get access, the less likely a break-in will occur. When you opt to keep your house locked at all times, you are putting in a concerted effort to safeguard your family, valuables, and privacy. No one should worry about a stranger searching through their belongings, especially at home, where they should feel safest. There are numerous scenarios where a home invasion may have been avoided by just locking up.

If the door is open, a thief could enter your property and steal everything you keep near the door. Most of us keep our wallets and keys in our handbags and jackets. In this instance, a thief can steal them in a matter of seconds. You might not even notice that you have been robbed until it is too late.

In case of a robbery, keeping your windows and doors secured is crucial. Insurance companies require proof of a break-in that the authorities have validated. So check the conditions of your insurance policy carefully.

Ways to Secure All the Doors in Your House

Rekey Your Doors

If you have recently moved into your home and are concerned that a spare key has gone missing, you can have your front door lock rekeyed by a local locksmith.

When you ask a locksmith to rekey your door lock, he will change the mechanism so that old keys no longer fit in the door. Then, new keys are provided after. Remember, keep spare keys discreetly hidden to maintain security and only give them to a select few persons.

Keep Your Door Hinges Inside

Many homeowners are unaware that their door hinges are facing outward rather than within. First, ensure the door hinges on your front, and any other exterior doors are on the inside. If the door hinges are on the outside, a local door frame repair service can help.

Invest in a Solid-Core Door

Solid-core doors are the finest choice for front door security because of their thick and robust center. Moreover, solid-core doors are more resistant to force and, in most cases, are fire-rated for added protection.

It would be best if you only used hollow-core doors on the interior of your home. It is a decent investment and an easy fix to replace your front door. The cost of replacing a door is determined by the type of door you have—the more complicated the door, the higher the cost.

Door Replacement Near Me

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