Commercial Door Repair NW Washington

Commercial Door Repair NW Washington

Project Description

At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we recently completed a commercial door repair in a bustling office building in Washington, DC. The door closer to this entry door was malfunctioning, causing the door to close too quickly. This issue posed a safety risk to employees and visitors. Concerned about potential injuries and security issues, the building management called us to fix the problem right away.

Scope of the Commercial Door Repair

Get an overview of how our expert locksmith handled this issue:


We began with a thorough inspection of the door closer and other hardware to pinpoint any additional issues. After checking the hardware, we figured out what the problem was. There was a leak in the door closer’s hydraulic fluid, which made the door slam shut.


We adjusted the door closer settings to see if we could control the closing speed without replacing the unit. However, due to hydraulic fluid loss, the changes were insufficient.

Refilling Hydraulic Fluid

We carefully refilled the hydraulic fluid in the door closer, ensuring it had the right amount to work just as intended.


After refilling the fluid, we tested the door multiple times to make sure it was closing at a safe speed and latching properly.

Final Adjustments

At this point, we made final adjustments to the tension and speed settings to ensure smooth and secure door operation.

Thanks to our quick and efficient repair, the door closer was back in action, functioning perfectly again. The building management felt relieved and highly satisfied with our service, appreciating our swift response and skills. We fixed the problem without having to replace the door closer, which saved them time and money.

What Could Go Wrong With Door Closers?

Suppose you work in a busy office building in Washington, DC. Has a broken door closer ever caused you trouble? Imagine the scene: important meetings are disrupted by a slamming door or a draft because the door does not close right. Not only is it annoying, but it is also inefficient. Automatic door closers are essential for ensuring doors close with no trouble and keeping the office calm and secure.

However, when door closers decide to go out of control, the problems they cause can be far from amusing. In fact, reports show that a faulty door closer can cause energy bills to skyrocket, potential security breaches, and even unexpected door-related injuries. For businesses in high-traffic areas like DC, it is crucial to keep automatic door closers in good working condition. Regular maintenance by a skilled locksmith helps you avoid these pesky issues and ensures your office keeps running like a well-oiled machine.

Door Closer Repair Near Me

Is your business struggling with door issues in Washington, DC? Do not stand for it. Here at MacArthur Locks & Doors, we are experts in fixing all kinds of door and lock troubles, including door closer repair. Our team of commercial locksmiths is here to make sure your doors are functioning smoothly and securely. We have the expertise to handle any lock-related situation you throw at us. So, there is no need to worry about those pesky door problems anymore. Why wait for the situation to blow up? Take action now!

Have trouble with your door closers? Do not wait. Call our locksmith in DC today and get them fixed or replaced to keep your business running.

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