Door Lock Installation Arlington, VA

Door Lock Installation Arlington, VA

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A building owner reached us for a door lock installation service in Arlington, VA. They wanted to upgrade the commercial locks in the entryway and backdoor of the building to ones that could provide maximum security for the entire property. After listening to their needs, we recommended installing their door with Mul-T-Lock®'s Rimo Cylinder locks. These locks combined rim and mortise cylinders in one and were compatible with the bores of their commercial doors. We returned the next day to install the new door locks. Now they could access their doors using any three changeable key combinations. Installing this unique yet classy lock reminded us that your safety is our top priority. This modern lock gave them more security than ever before, plus added convenience! 

Commercial doors and locks provide a secure entry point from the outside of a building to the inside. No type of commercial lock is superior to others. Rather, each lock serves its purpose for a particular building use. When choosing the best commercial lock for your building, consider what you will be using your building for, who will be using the building, and how the building will be used. 

At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we install every brand and configuration of commercial door locks. Let us go through the different commercial lock options that you can consider for your building.

Your Commercial Lock Options for Building Use

Mortise Locks

A mortise lock is an ideal option in terms of extreme durability and strength. Built to survive heavy usage, this type of lock requires a pocket cut into the edge of a door to fit the locking case. While these may cost more than cylindrical locks, mortise locks provide superior performance due to their high-security design.

Cylinder Locks

Cylindrical locks present a simple solution if you only need a lockset in the door. Unlike mortise locks, this type of lock requires two round holes to be drilled and is, therefore, easy and quick to set up. The handle can either be in the form of a lever or a knob.

Electric Strikes

An electric strike is a modern lock that replaces the standard door's lock strike. This type of lock uses a hinged metal latch to keep the door closed and secure. When an electrical signal is sent to the device, the latch moves aside, allowing access through the entrance.

It is important to note that these locks require another mechanism like a panic bar or traditional set of keys for those inside a building or room to unlock it in case the power goes out.

Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks provide an innovative form of security with the use of magnets. When an electromagnet turns on, it draws the armature plate and activates its magnetic field to prevent access. Unlike traditional locks, no physical component connects the door and frame. Instead, the powerful magnetic force holds the door shut.

Keyless Lock Installation

Gone are the days of needing a physical key to open a commercial lock. With a keyless lock system, users can access the building simply by entering their code or swiping an ID card. Many of these lock installations are powered by electricity, and some even have Wi-Fi capability. However, it is worth noting that all keyless locks also include a backup method for using a key in an emergency.

Smart Lock Installation

Installing a smart lock in your building is a great way to offer tenants the utmost comfort and security. This electronic door lock links to the internet and allows users to access it via smartphones. Most smart locks require downloading a mobile app onto a device.

You must have a strong and steady Wi-Fi connection before investing in this commercial lock. Otherwise, this could lead to poor lock performance and cause an unnecessary hassle for those using it.

Door Lock Installation Near Me

Commercial locks are vital to the security of your building, and only expert commercial locksmiths and master key specialists are qualified to handle the unique needs of commercial establishments. At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we offer a wide range of commercial locks to suit all your needs and budget. In addition, we have experience working with retail stores, restaurants, and hotels, to name a few. So if you are a commercial space owner in the DMV area and wish to upgrade your security systems, call us or click here for more details.

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