When you think of locks, the first things that come to mind are cylinder locks, mortise locks, and deadbolts. These are the most common types of locks that you will find on doors around your home and buildings. Still, another type of lock is just as important but often overlooked – magnetic locks. Magnetic locks are gaining popularity nowadays as people look for other options for standard locks. So what is a magnetic lock, and why do you need one? 

Magnetic Locks – How They Work and Why You Need One

Magnetic locks are a type of lock that uses a magnet to keep the door locked. They are considered one of the most secure locks since they are reliable and rarely hacked. Easy to install, these locks allow for fast access to a building. Because they do not rely on the door handle and do not have any moving parts, they are often used for high-security settings. For this reason, magnetic door locks are a popular choice for residential, office, and commercial properties. If you are a building owner considering upgrading your access control system, ask our door lock installation Washington DC expert for this modern option.

A magnetic lock kit

How Do Magnetic Locks Work

A magnetic lock, or mag lock, is a device used to secure an entrance. It consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate. The electromagnet is mounted on the door frame and wired back to a power supply, while the armature plate is mounted on the door.

When power is supplied to the electromagnet, it creates a magnetic flux that attracts the armature plate. Thus, it results in a locking action that keeps the entrance secure. Moreso, the force of the magnetic field is strong enough to keep the door closed even when under strain. 

When power is removed from the maglock, it releases and opens the door. This lock setup is known as fail-safe mode because you can still open the door in case of a power failure.

That said, there are some circumstances where physical and electrical malfunction happens. Most common magnetic lock malfunctions you must pay attention to are caused by poor installation and insufficient power supply. When one or both of these problems arise, it is best to call your trusted door repair Washington DC company for faster and more effective solutions.

When Do You Need Magnetic Locks

Maglocks are not always the best choice for electrified door hardware, as they can be more expensive and complicated to install. However, there are some situations where a maglock is the only option.

Finding Your Way Out

One way to ensure that people can safely exit a building in an emergency is to install mag locks on all the doors. Because maglocks are designed to be integrated into fire alarm systems, they will unlock in the event of an emergency.

Managing Access in Both Directions

One way to control access to a building is to install a card reader system. In some situations, two card readers – one on each side of a door – may be required to control access in both directions. This system would require authorized individuals to swipe their cards to gain entry or exit. An authorized card is a perfect way to monitor who comes and goes through the building.

A magnetic lock from the brand DynaLock

Monitoring of Building Occupancy

Finally, maglocks can also be used for building occupancy control. When designing an evacuation plan for a commercial or public space, it is important to have an accurate count of the people at any given time. That can be possible by using maglocks on all entrance and exit doors. Installing card readers on all the doors lets you track how many people are in the building in real-time. Then, you can use this information to create an accurate evacuation plan.

Door Lock Installation Near Me

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