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MacArthur Locks & Doors received a call from a homeowner in Mechanicsville, MD, for a door and lock repair. The multipoint lock on their front door was damaged and required replacement. Our locksmith wasted no time getting to work, removed the damaged lock, replaced it with a heavy-duty deadbolt and knob, and refitted the door. Our client was delighted with the way our locksmith worked quickly and efficiently to install their new locks in no time.

Deadbolt locks have been a standard in housing for over a hundred years now. Despite the advancement in locking mechanisms, these traditional-looking locks are still one of the most popular choices among home and business owners in the United States. They are sturdy, easy to use, versatile, and inexpensive. These locks are usually combined with a keyed lever handle or door knob when installed on exterior doors.

What are the different types of deadbolt locks?

Single-cylinder deadbolts

The most common type of deadbolt is the single-cylinder bolt. On one side of the door is the keyhole, and on the other is the knob or turning mechanism. This latch often features a common thumb-turn that looks like a basic lever and rotates like a key. It is typically used indoors to lock a door without keys. These deadbolts are the most basic and can be opened with a key from one side. Opening and closing the door with a thumb turn from inside the house provides a level of convenience that homeowners have come to expect. These bolts are used more commonly than double-cylinder bolts because of this and their affordable cost. 

Double-cylinder deadbolts

As the name implies, both sides of double-cylinder deadbolts have key cylinders, making them more secured than their single-cylinder counterparts. These locks are ideal on doors with glass panels, which intruders may break to access the residence. In addition, since these locks do not have a thumb-turn knob, it would be harder for intruders to enter the house without the right key. The disadvantage of a double cylinder lock is that if the household members were to evacuate your home in an emergency, like a fire or earthquake, it would take longer to locate and use the proper key.

Keyless electronic deadbolts

Keyless electronic deadbolts are more convenient to use than traditional deadbolts. Instead of a physical key, they use a personal code to unlock the door. This upgrade eliminates the need for physical keys and reduces the chance of stolen or misplaced keys. Furthermore, some models allow users to assign a temporary code to whoever needs one and delete it when they see fit. The user may also set up automatic unlocking if you want to add an extra degree of security and save the trouble of carrying around a key. This way, they will never have to worry about being locked out of the house.

Why consider installing your external doors with deadbolts?

Deadbolts are durable

Deadbolt locks are more durable than ordinary locks because they provide a tighter seal for your doorframe. Moreover, they come with wider striking plates that help reduce lock bumping, and their machined steel frames make cutting through them practically impossible.

Deadbolts are inexpensive

Deadbolts are reasonably priced, and the installation cost is determined by the type of deadbolt lock selected. These locks are not complicated to install, and homeowners who are good with house repairs can even install them as a DIY project.

Door and lock repair services near me

MacArthur Locks & Doors is a locally operated business with a legacy of exceptional service in the DMV area. With over ten years of experience, you can trust for all of your residential and commercial door and lock needs. We also offer a full range of essential locksmith services. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable locksmiths and door technicians, round-the-clock services, and affordable rates makes us a premier service provider in the local community. If you need a door repair, door replacement, or locksmith service in DC, call us at (202) 760-4589.

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