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A business owner in NW Washington, DC, contacted MacArthur Locks & Doors for commercial door repair. Unfortunately, one of their aluminum-glass storefront doors was not freely swinging away from the frame. Upon inspection, we determined that the door's offset pivot had a worn-out bearing. It caused the door to sag because the pin had too much play within the bearing. We recommended replacing both doors' offset pivots with new ones to ensure smooth movement in the future. After securing and fitting it, we fixed that storefront door like new. The owner was happy to see our work.

One of the most important components of every business is its entry doors. Unfortunately, due to the high use of these types of passages experience, they commonly experience various issues. In light of that, the following are the most frequent commercial door problems and their solutions.

Common Commercial Door Problems and Solutions

High Traffic Damage

Usage makes a difference in the lifespan of commercial doors. For example, a door with heavy traffic will cause more wear and tear on its components, such as latches, locks, closers, and hinges, than one with less use. Additionally, it is important to consider who is using it — an adult or a child — when assessing its durability.

High traffic can be managed by reinforcing your entry door with Grade 1 or heavy-duty material. Choosing this type of material will increase the longevity of the door itself and its jamb.

A certified contractor must give heavily used doorways regular maintenance care to ensure they remain in top shape. In addition, both powered automatic and fire doors must undergo yearly inspections per the laws and regulations. Even the ones that do not have any electrical components or fire rating should get an annual check-up. 

Failure to Close

Another common issue with commercial doors is difficulty in opening or closing them. In this case, the jamb and door must be inspected carefully to pinpoint the exact cause of the matter. Inspecting a commercial door's opening and closing mechanism ensures that everything remains properly aligned with its jamb. 

You can check the header and floor for signs of swing problems or misalignments in either door or frame. Issues with hinges, closer, and gaskets can cause doors not to close properly. Be careful while working with closers because poor adjustment can lead to leakage. To prevent further damage, a skilled door specialist must completely replace it because it cannot be repaired.

Warped Doors

Warped doors are a common problem in commercial spaces where the material of choice is hollow metal, wood, or aluminum. Generally, pressure and changes in temperature can reverse the distortion, but with repeated fluctuations, the warped state often becomes permanent. The heat from the sun and environment causes these materials to repeatedly expand and contract over time, leading to the warpage of the doors.

When detecting warpage, checking your door at the day's peak is ideal. Fortunately, substitute doors manufactured to stand up to warping can be found, or you could paint them a light hue to help reflect sunlight. In any case, doors are exposed to the elements, especially the sun, during the hottest times of the day. As a result, they may warp more quickly and require replacement more frequently.


Faulty doors can create a huge disturbance in the normal functioning of your business and put its staff and customers at risk. Taking action on these issues is highly recommended, for which a professional door repair service should be scheduled immediately. Ignoring any of the abovementioned signs could lead to unsafe conditions within the property.

Commercial Door Repair Washington, DC

MacArthur Locks & Doors is a trusted name in commercial door repair. Our skilled team is committed to giving our clients in Washington, DC, the finest door services possible. We offer many services, including door installation, door repair, and door replacement. We also offer other essential services for businesses, such as locksmithing and security system installation. Call us anytime for free estimates.

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