Digital Door Lock Bethesda, MD

Digital Door Lock Bethesda

Project Description

A homeowner in Bethesda, MD, contacted MacArthur Locks & Doors for lock installation service. They had a working door handleset but wanted to reinforce it with a digital door lock. We had them choose from our line-up of digital door locks. They settled for this Schlage keypad deadbolt in a satin chrome finish to complement their handleset. Our locksmith showed up on the appointed day and installed the new lock. The homeowner was very pleased with the result. They now enjoy convenient, keyless security. 

Door locks are an important part of security and style for any home. Having high-quality locks is essential to keeping you and your belongings safe. Replacing old or outdated locks is one of the best ways to improve security and enjoy new features that may be available. Many people nowadays have been installing keypad deadbolt locks because of their efficiency and convenience. Aside from convenience, there are other good reasons to upgrade your door locks. 

Why You Should Upgrade Your Door Locks

You want to increase the security in your home.

Preventing front door break-ins is one of the top reasons why homeowners upgrade their locks. There are several reasons you would wish to boost the security of your home. For example, locks degrade over time due to normal wear and tear. Therefore, you need new locks that provide excellent and long-lasting security. In addition, you may want to change your locks if your keys are stolen or misplaced, as the missing key can be in the hands of anyone. And finally, you must upgrade your door locks if your home has been burglarized. 

Different types of door locks can help give you peace of mind, like deadbolts and keyless entry locks. However, if you feel one of your locks is compromised, the best option is to change all the locks on your doors, both front and back, and any interior doors.

You want to make an attractive first impression.

There's no need to settle for old-fashioned or outdated locks. Modern door locks come in a wide range of styles and functions in several finishes. You can choose Victorian-style, rustic, modern, contemporary, transitional, or vintage-style locks. So you can find the perfect lock to keep your home as secure as possible with as much style as possible.

You recently moved into a new home.

Remember to budget for new locks as you move into a new house. Though your new home may already have locks installed, door lock replacement should be a priority. There is no telling how many keys are floating around—previous owners, repair workers, neighbors, and more could all have a copy you do not know about. Changing your door locks will give you peace of mind, knowing that only you can access your house keys.

Your security needs demand more sophisticated lock features.

As technology advances, so do the features of our security systems. Nowadays, keyless entry locks are operated with a keypad or touchscreen; some are Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi enabled. These work with alarms and security cameras to provide extra protection. So, when you want to beef up home security, know plenty of options are available to fit your needs.

Changing Door Locks: A Worthwhile Endeavor

You may want to upgrade your door locks to better ones for many reasons, including better security or aesthetics. Or maybe you simply want to enjoy more features. No matter the reason, replacing your door locks is worth the effort. Doing so is a preventative measure to safeguard your property from the unknown or unanticipated.

Locksmith Near Me

MacArthur Locks & Doors is your one-stop shop for all your locksmith needs. We offer installation and repair of digital door locks, keypad deadbolts, and other security solutions. In addition, our technicians are available for emergency locksmith services to help you with whatever problem you may be experiencing. So for the best in electronic door locks and security solutions, call on MacArthur Locks & Doors!

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