Commercial Door Repair Alexandria, VA

Commercial Door Repair Alexandria, VA

Project Description

This commercial building in Alexandria, VA, contacted us for commercial door repair services. One of their aluminum glass doors had issues with hinges and the hydraulic door closer arm. The damaged hardware posed safety risks, so they wanted the door repaired the soonest time possible. We swapped out all the damaged hinges for new ones and replaced the broken door closer with a heavy-duty closer with speed adjustment settings. After the repair, the door was safe and convenient to use once again.

Door closers are an important aspect of a building’s structure. Most building codes dictate that all exterior doors must be equipped with door closers, and that is because they serve a very practical purpose. The role of a door closer is pretty simple: to make sure that the doors will remain shut and not get open accidentally. Periodic adjustments to commercial door closers ensure your door closes properly and at the correct speed.

How to Adjust Door Closer

Commercial door closers come with adjustment screws concealed by a plastic or metallic cover. It is possible to access the screws without removing the cover. Alternatively, you may find fasteners, which should only be loosened (not removed), to slide off the cover.

Step 1

Checking for oil presence is important when examining your door closer. Should you discover that the cover or body of the closer is saturated in oil or leaking, then replacement is necessary. If it is not leaking, then you can continue with the adjustment.

Step 2

Remove the cover and look for the adjustment screws on the closer body. They should either be labeled with what they are or accompanied by a diagram underneath the cover. It may be necessary to use trial and error to determine which screw performs which function.

Step 3

Small adjustments can make a big difference when altering the setting of a door closer. Therefore, do less than 1/8 of a turn at first. Then, twist the adjustment screw clockwise to slow the speed and counter-clockwise to speed it up.

Step 4

Perform a test to check whether the door closes correctly. Repeat the test several times to ensure everything is in working order. Successful performance of a door closer is typically seen after it performs correctly ten times consecutively. Generally, a non-delayed action door closer should close and latch the door in roughly seven to eight seconds.

When Should You Replace Your Commercial Door Closer?

Taking care of your door closers is important to ensure they last long. When should you replace your commercial door closer, though? 

Fluid leakage

One telltale sign that your door closer may need to be replaced is fluid leakage. Over time, the valve seals can also wear out, which can cause problems with proper functioning. Replacing the door closer is usually the best solution in these cases.

Ineffective tension adjustment

When a door closer does not respond to an adjustment, it is usually because the spring is broken or compromised. A broken spring will interrupt the smooth operation of the door closer, causing it to jam. When internal functions are irreversibly damaged, the only resort is to replace the door closer.

Commercial Door Repair Alexandria, VA

MacArthur Locks & Doors is a door repair company that offers door closer replacement services in the DMV area. We provide a wide selection of commercial door opener products, and our knowledgeable staff can assist you in choosing the best one for your needs. On top of door services, we also offer commercial locksmith services to ensure your commercial doors are secured. Call us now or click here for more details on our door repair services!

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