Burglaries are being reported in the news more frequently lately. It might be time to put stronger locks on any external doors you have if you are concerned that your house or place of business will become a target. Better locks deter burglars and offer an extra layer of protection on top of what you already have. It is beyond a doubt that having a deadbolt lock on your door can increase its security. If you remain unconvinced, here is why.


Advantages of a Deadbolt Lock


Deadbolt locks are much more durable and stronger than regular door handles, providing a higher level of security for your home or business. However, the best way to secure an external door is to use a combination of deadbolt locks and cylindrical door handles. Using both locks together will give you the best protection possible.

Two types of deadbolt locks can be used to reinforce your door jamb: single and double cylinders. The double cylinder type is stronger than the former, but both will provide additional strength and security to your door.

If you have the single-cylinder variant, you will need a key to unlock the door from the outside. However, you can unlock it from the inside using the thumbturn. You will need a key to open the door on both sides if you choose a double cylinder lock for your door. In an emergency, make sure you have the key close at hand so you can open the door quickly.

The difficulty of breaking a deadbolt lock makes intruders more likely to make noise, making them look suspicious, and raising the possibility of someone sounding the alarm. Furthermore, if your deadbolt lock has three-inch long screws holding the strike plate in place, it will reduce the chance of a successful break-in.


Low Cost

Security solutions can cost an arm and a leg, depending on your required coverage. However, if you are on a budget, a deadbolt lock is a good option for security without breaking the bank.

There is a wide range of prices for different types of deadbolt locks. A basic model may cost as little as $10, while a more sophisticated model could cost up to $45. If you opt for a smart lock, be prepared to pay even more – over $100 sometimes. A locksmith installing the lock will add to the overall cost, but this typically runs between $135 and $145. 

There is no doubt that additional locks can make your home more secure. But when it comes to deterring burglars, it is not just the number of locks that matter – it is also how they are installed. Of course, you could always install the lock yourself to save on labor costs.

However, for peace of mind, it is always a good idea to consult with an expert locksmith services provider or a local licensed residential locksmith so they can evaluate the best security option for your home.

Deadbolt Lock: Final Thoughts

Installing a deadbolt lock on your door comes with many benefits. Most importantly, you feel more at ease knowing your house is secured. Deadbolts are also less expensive than a security system and just as effective. Plus, there is no need for a complicated user manual – deadbolts are easy to use!


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