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A business owner in Virginia Beach, VA, contacted MacArthur Locks & Doors for door service because their glass storefront door had visible cracks and looked unsightly. When our technician arrived at the store, he discovered that the storefront door was damaged and had compromised structural integrity. The client decided on a new commercial door installation, so we ordered a custom-made aluminum glass door from a reputable manufacturer and replaced the damaged one with it. Now that the owner has the perfect commercial door, they can relax knowing that their business is in good shape and ready for action.

As a business owner, you know the importance of your shopfront’s first impression, and this all starts with the front door. These doors affect the curb appeal of your establishment, but they also dictate the security of your premises. Thus, the front doors you choose for your commercial space should be as efficient, functional, and appealing as the rest of your business. It is not an overstatement to say that choosing which commercial door will work best for you is a huge decision.

What are the different types of storefront doors?

Storefront doors are commercial doors made of aluminum with a top rail, bottom rail, hinge stile, and lock stile and hold a large tempered glass lite. Storefront doors are perfect for front entry doors for any business, office, or retail area because of their sturdy construction and huge glass window lites. There are two main types of commercial doors used in shopfronts.

Steel storefront doors

Steel front doors are a popular choice for many businesses. Designed to withstand a lot of traffic and perform well in bad weather, these doors allow you to utilize them for various commercial applications. In addition, steel is preferred over aluminum or other door materials because it is more durable than these other types — and hence a wise business investment.

Aluminum with glass storefront doors

  • For retail and service-based organizations, glass storefront doors with aluminum frames are a standard pick for the following advantages:
  • It brightens the interior space and makes it appear larger.
  • It allows passers-by to look inside the store, making it more inviting.
  • It showcases the store’s items, interior decor, and overall ambiance. 
  • Glass can be embossed with the business name and logo.

Types of glass storefront doors

If you decide on a glass door, you can choose between two options.

Glass swing doors

Glass swing doors function as regular entry doors and can be fitted with a handicap door operator. Glass swing doors are sometimes considered a more attractive alternative to glass sliding doors. They take up less space as well.

Glass sliding doors

Glass sliding doors open and close automatically. These doors keep traffic moving, so they are an excellent choice for establishments with a high volume of consumers. They are also a terrific option for stores because they allow customers to exit with their shopping bags without using their hands. Lastly, they offer the most convenient access for persons with limited mobility and vision impairment.

Storefront doors that are ADA compliant

Most installed commercial doors must fulfill specific standards under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These guidelines make it easy for people with disabilities to access and navigate your commercial premises. However, the ADA door rules may be more challenging than you think. Fortunately, most professional commercial door installation companies can walk you through the specifications, refit your current doors for compliance, or assist you in selecting ADA-compliant doors and hardware.

Door Installation service near me

If you need a new storefront door for your business, trust the MacArthur Locks & Doors team. We are a reputable locks and doors service provider in the DMV area. Among the comprehensive door services we provide are replacement, maintenance, and repair of commercial doors. We also offer a full range of commercial doors, frames, and accessories. We are glad to help you find the perfect storefront door for your business. Contact us today at (202) 760-4589 or email us for a free consultation.

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