Panic Bar Repair Washington, DC

Panic Bar Repair Washington, DC

Project Description

When a fitness center in Washington, DC, had trouble with a panic bar on their emergency exit door, it raised concerns about the safety of their staff and members. So, the facility’s administrator called MacArthur Locks & Doors for a reliable panic bar repair service.

Scope of the Panic Bar Repair

Here is how we fixed it:


First, we examined the door and found it had a vertical rod exit device with a two-point latching system. We also noticed the panic bar was stiff and sometimes would not retract the latch fully.

Identifying Problems

Upon checking, we found obstructions in the mechanism and issues with the strike plate where the latch connects. We also looked for any broken or worn parts, like springs or latches, that might cause trouble.

Clearing Obstructions

Our locksmiths carefully removed the dirt and grime buildup in the mechanism and strike plate, allowing for smoother operation.

Replacing Parts

Then, we replaced any damaged or worn-out components in the internal mechanism to ensure everything worked as it should.


After the repairs, we tested the panic bar multiple times to make sure it functioned correctly, with the latch retracting smoothly every time.

The client felt relieved now that the building’s emergency exit was once again secure for its members and staff. They admired our speedy and expert repair of the panic bar. After a few simple adjustments, they were able to rest easy in the safety of their space. Thanks to our push bar repair and hard work, their business is now back on track.

Vertical Rod Panic Bar For Emergency Doors

Does your business in NE Washington, DC, have vertical rod panic bars on the emergency exit doors? If not, you should. Not only are these devices crucial for adhering to safety rules, but they also play a critical role in offering a safe and speedy exit in case of crises. Vertical rod panic bars are different from regular door handles because they let people open doors quickly with just a push. This design could be very important during an escape. By locking the door from both the top and the bottom, they offer an extra layer of security against break-ins. No wonder these types of panic bars are a top choice for businesses focused on safety.

However, vertical rod panic bars can get worn out or even break after a while of use. When that happens, it could make your emergency plans less reliable. Imagine that your emergency exit door would not open when you need it the most. It might cause chaos and could even put lives at risk. That is why it is essential to keep up with panic bar upkeep and repairs. It makes sure that your emergency exits work properly in times of need. For those running a business in NE Washington, DC, make sure your emergency exit doors are in top shape. It is not just about safety; it is your duty.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

Does your business have everything it needs for an emergency? Panic bars that do not work should not put your employees and customers in danger. At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we fix locks and do push bar repairs in and around NE Washington, DC, so your emergency doors are always ready for use. With our professional locksmith DC services, we can make sure that your business stays safe and follows all safety protocols. Contact us right away for reliable panic bar repair, and let the pros keep your business running.


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