Lock Repair NW Washington, DC

Lock Repair NW Washington, DC

Project Description

A client in NW Washington, DC, called us at MacArthur Locks & Doors to fix a broken knob on the front door of their home. The homeowners were in a tough spot because the interior door handle came off while they were opening it. While they planned to switch to a keyless entry system in the future, they asked us for a lock repair service as a short-term fix. Upon receiving their request, our residential locksmith came right away to take care of the issue. 

Scope of the Lock Repair

Here is how we tackled the repair:


First, we had to look at how bad the damage was on the interior door handle and the entire locking mechanism.

Fix the Interior Knob Handle

Then, we reattached and fastened the internal door handle with new screws. We needed to make sure it would stay in place, even with daily use.

Repair of the Lock Mechanism

After fixing the handle, we fixed the lock itself. To get the lock working again, we got rid of the dirt and grime buildup and lubricated all the moving parts. We also replaced any broken parts and made sure they were all tight.


The last thing we did was to check the door handle and lock mechanism multiple times. This final check made sure the knob lock was secure and functioning properly.

The client was ecstatic with how well our lock repair team worked. They liked how quickly we responded and how we fixed their front door with ease. It gave them time to plan for an upgrade to a smart lock. They trusted us even more after our successful repair, which shows how committed we are to offering reliable and prompt lock repair solutions.

What Causes a Loose Door Knob?

Have you ever tried to open a door and noticed the knob was wobbly or even pulled off in your hand? It is a common issue that many face, much like the one we recently fixed in NW Washington, DC. A loose or broken door knob can happen for several reasons. First, it might be old and worn out. Maybe it was a poor installation in the first place, or the door itself could warp a little with the weather, making everything less tight. When the hardware gets loose, the door can become hard to open or close, and sometimes, the knob might just fall off.

To fix a door handle that has come off, you need to look at more than just the knob. It is important to check why it became loose in the first place. The fix might involve tightening up some screws that have gotten loose over time or replacing parts inside the lock that are worn out. It is not only about putting the knob back on but making sure the whole lock works well. This way, you know your door is secure and functional to keep you and your home safe.

Residential Locksmith Near Me

Got a broken doorknob, or thinking about changing your locks in NW Washington, DC? Let MacArthur Locks & Doors take care of it for you. Our experienced residential locksmiths are experts in lock repair and lock installation services, making sure your home stays safe and sound. No matter if it is a small repair or a full lock change, we are here to help. Do not wait until a minor problem becomes a big security issue. Call us today for quick and reliable locksmith service to put your mind at ease.

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