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The Importance of a Commercial Door Panic Bar for a Business!

If you own a business, you are undoubtedly familiar with panic devices and the code governing emergency exit and entrance. Panic bars are critical for the life and safety of business owners, employees, and consumers as they provide the occupants of a building a quick way to escape in the event of a fire, evacuations, and other emergencies. Our commercial door Washington DC experts provide a short guide to these practical fire safety tools.

What is a panic bar?

A panic bar also called a crash bar, push bar, or panic device is a mechanical door hardware that allows you to swiftly unlock a door in an emergency without needing a key. It is a crossbar or push rail fastened horizontally to the inside of an egress-opening door that extends at least halfway over the width of the door. Applying horizontal force on the bar activates the mechanism and releases the door. Panic bars allow people to evacuate the building fast, preventing delays and inundating exits, which commercial locksmith professionals say are the two most dangerous scenarios during an emergency.

What kinds of doors require panic bars?

Panic bars are installed on commercial doors, emergency exits, and fire doors. In addition to emergency exits, a commercial door locksmith may include panic bars on their front doors as people tend to head to the door that they entered through when exiting a building during an emergency. Free egress, delayed egress, controlled egress, or controlled access doors always come with panic bars.

Panic bars come in different types

Horizontal panic bar

Horizontal panic bars are panic bars that run the length of the door. When someone pushes on the door, the horizontal panic bar latches to the strike plate and releases the door.

Vertical rod panic bars

Panic bars with vertical rods look similar to horizontal panic bars. They activate the mechanisms at the bottom and top of the door when pushed. This reinforces the door’s stability and enables a smooth exit from the building.

Concealed vertical rod bars

This type has rods running through the door frame’s hollow body, concealing the bars. This prevents criminals from gaining access through the doors. Aluminum doors are best installed with concealed vertical rod bars as they have thin bodies that make them easier to push in an emergency.

Panic bar levers

Panic bar levers are mounted on the exterior side of the door. They serve as a backup entrance method, letting rescuers open the door and enter the building. To discourage criminals from unlocking these levers, you can use keys or passwords.

Benefits of  panic bars


Panic bars ensure easy and safe exit in times of emergency while preventing entry from the opposite side of a door. In certain applications, a panic bar can be linked to an alarm system so that depressing the bar sets off an alert in the event of a robbery or active shooter.


According to commercial door Bethesda MD specialists, panic bars are generally more affordable than locks. The actual cost depends on the quality of hardware and whether or not it is fire-rated, as well as its warranty.


Panic bars have been proven to be the only suitable escape device for high-traffic doors, as they can handle a continuous stream of people entering and exiting. High-quality panic bars can take kicking and trolleys crashing into them all day and every day.

If you need to install panic hardware on your commercial premises, turn to the locksmith Washington DC experts at MacArthur Locks & Doors for quality locksmith service. We provide commercial door installation and commercial door repair, and we can help you with all of your panic bar needs.

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