Push Bar Repair Washington, DC

Push Bar Repair Washington, DC

Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors recently completed a push bar repair for a premier therapy service provider in NW Washington, DC. The establishment reported issues with a malfunctioning panic bar on their storefront door. It failed to engage properly and often got stuck. This hardware malfunction was a major safety concern for the facility’s staff and their clients.

The Scope of the Push Bar Repair

Once we were called in for service, our locksmith DC team arrived quickly to address the issue. Here is our approach:


The first order of business was to check the push bar closely in order to find out why it was not working right. Upon closer inspection, we found that the latch mechanism was not functioning properly due to debris and wear.

Cleaning and Repair

Once we had removed the head cover, we cleaned the mechanism thoroughly. Then, to get everything working smoothly again, we adjusted and lubricated the moving components.

Testing and Final Checks

We followed the repair with several tests to confirm that the panic bar was properly engaging and releasing. We also checked if the storefront door met all safety and emergency exit standards.

Client Response

The client expressed relief and satisfaction with the speed and efficiency of our push bar repair. They admired how quickly we were able to restore the safety and functionality of their storefront door, all with no delay or trouble. This positive feedback highlights the efficiency of our locksmith services in DC.

What Can Go Wrong With a Push Bar on Your Storefront Door?

Have you ever tried to push a door that just would not move, even with a clear “push” sign? A broken push bar on a storefront door can be more than just a hassle for businesses in NW Washington, DC. It can be a safety risk for healthcare facilities in particular. These panic exit devices make it easy and quick to leave a building during a crisis. However, if these horizontal bars do not work right—if they get stuck, do not latch, or engage properly—they can get in the way of emergency procedures and cause fear.

The root of the problem often lies in wear and tear. When dirt and worn-out parts build up on push bars, they can hinder the device from working as intended. Do you recall any recent news about healthcare facilities having to evacuate in an emergency? Authorities often require the use of exit devices like push bars, stressing how important they are for safety.

Healthcare service providers in NW Washington, DC, know the value of keeping push bars well-maintained. It is not just about meeting safety standards but also about ensuring the well-being of your patients and staff. Thus, it is very important to check your exit devices often and fix any problems right away. Note that a push bar that is in good shape is essential for smooth and safe evacuations. It can make a big difference in an emergency.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

Does your NW Washington, DC, business have everything it needs to handle an emergency exit? Do not let a broken push bar put your safety and compliance at risk. At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we offer push bar repair and fix other exit devices so that your doors work inside and out when you need them the most. Plus, our team of locksmith DC experts can help you with any lock and door needs you may have. We can install and fix your push bars so that your staff and clients remain safe. Why wait for disaster to happen? Get in touch with us right away to keep your business on guard with the best commercial locksmith services in the city.

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