Lock Repair NE Washington, DC

Lock Repair NE Washington, DC

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When the door lock of their home in Washington, D.C. stopped working, the client called MacArthur Locks & Doors for a lock repair job. Our locksmith rushed to the site and discovered that the vintage deadbolt key cylinder was not working because of a broken tumbler spring. We also noted signs of watermarks and corrosion, probably due to moisture. By substituting a key cylinder with a similar key configuration to the old one, we solved the problem. We always lubricated the lock after the fix. And that was what we did before completing this job. The door lock was back in its normal condition after the repair, and the client thanked us because they could still use the same key since they are using the master key system.

Door security at your home should always come first. You can ensure that you remain safe by protecting yourself and your belongings. Installing modern, high-security home locks is one method to accomplish this. These locks come in various types, including double cylinders and electronic locks. However, once they are installed, people often forget about them. Over time, this can create a security risk. You may need a door lock repair service to correct this situation. But before that, it is essential to understand the signs indicating a broken door lock.

What Are the Signs of a Broken Door Lock

The Door Latch Is Not Aligned

It is important to check your door latch is aligned properly and clicks into position. Otherwise, you run the risk of leaving your home vulnerable to burglars. So, calling for lock repair is a good idea if you notice any misalignment. In its most serious condition, a door lock that is difficult to lock or unlock may need to be replaced by a locksmith.

An Incident of Break-In

Burglaries and break-ins can be traumatizing experiences. It may be time to replace the door locks to help protect your home and give yourself peace of mind. In some cases, burglars force their way in, damaging your lock. Or they may be able to pick your lock, which means it is time for a more secure door lock. Consider the different types of door locks for your next installation. Learn of other situations when you may want to change your lock.

Door Lock Becomes Challenging to Use

There are several signs that your digital door locks may have been tampered with, including a slow response time or a delay in the key turning in the lock. It could be due to someone kicking in the lock and trying to force their way into your home. However, it could also be a deliberate attempt to weaken the lock over time. Those familiar with your locks' operation can utilize tools to damage the lock covertly.

The Damage Is Plain Sight

Locks constantly wear and tear due to daily use and weather elements. Over time, these worn-out locking mechanisms become rusty and begin sticking. You may notice it lengthens the time to enter and unlock the door, compromising security. In addition, older locking mechanisms are easier to pick and break into. To prevent your lock from deteriorating, ask our experts how to maintain your door lock for a longer lifespan.

Misplaced or Stolen Keys

Losing your keys can be a major security risk to your home. Did you know that having stolen or misplaced keys lowers the effectiveness of home security by 90%? That is why, as soon as there is a chance someone could trace the key to its location, you should change the locks on your door.


Small as they may be, door locks are the best way to keep your home or business safe and secure. That is why it is always best to hire a professional locksmith when you have problems with them. Door locks can start to give you trouble because of normal wear and tear over time. Pay attention to any signs that there might be an issue.

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Do you have worn or outdated door locks at home? Do you also need to check if your upgraded security locks are working properly? MacArthur Locks & Doors is your go-to destination for emergency locksmith services. We offer residential, commercial, and car locksmith services in and around the DC area. When you need help getting back into your home, office, or vehicle during a lockout situation, we are here to help. We are equipped with the latest technology and tools to fix any door lock issue quickly and effectively. Knowing our staff is experienced and certified, you can be sure you are in good hands. Call us now for free estimates.

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