Lock Repair NE Washington DC

Lock Repair NE Washington DC

Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors recently assisted a homeowner in NE Washington, DC, with a vital lock repair service. The client reached out to us about a loose door knob on their front door that was causing difficulties with the locking mechanism’s proper engagement.

Scope of the Lock Repair Process

Lock Inspection

As soon as we got there, the first thing our locksmith did was to examine the front door knob. We noticed it was loose and not sitting flush against the door’s surface, which could mean that someone tried to force their way in. 

Lock Removal and Examination

Next, we removed the doorknob to get a better look at the internal mechanisms. At this point, we looked for any potential damage or wear that could be affecting its operation. A closer inspection showed issues with the locking mechanism. 

Cleaning and Adjustments 

As part of our service, we cleaned and adjusted the internal components of the lock to ensure smooth operation and prevent issues later on.

Lubrication and Realignment

After a thorough cleaning, we went ahead and lubricated the lock’s internal parts. After we put the lock back in its position, we adjusted and aligned the knob lock and strike plate. Then, we retightened the screws until it was tight enough so it could engage properly with the lock mechanism. 

Testing and Final Checks

After all the adjustments, we tested the door several times to check if the knob and the lock mechanism were working smoothly with no issues. This time, the knob worked with more ease.

The client was beyond grateful for the prompt and effective service provided by MacArthur Locks & Doors. They expressed relief and satisfaction, appreciating how quick we were to address the problem and restore the security of their front door. The repair not only fixed the immediate issue but also improved the overall functionality of their door’s locking system.

Why Do Door Knobs Become Misaligned

Have you ever struggled with a front door knob that just would not turn right or latch properly? Here are five common reasons door knobs become misaligned, especially in places like NE Washington, DC:

Frequent Use

Just like any frequently used item, door knobs can wear out at some point. The constant turning and pulling can loosen the hardware, leading to misalignment.

House Settling

As buildings settle over time, small shifts can occur. These shifts might alter the alignment of door frames, which affects how the door knob fits and functions.

Temperature Fluctuations

Extreme changes in weather can cause your door materials to expand and contract. In NE Washington, DC, where the weather varies, this can cause doors that do not quite fit their frames during certain seasons.

Improper Installation

If a doorknob was not installed correctly to begin with, it might not be secured tightly. Over time, this can lead to a knob that becomes more and more wobbly and misaligned.

Impact and Damage

Any forceful impact, whether from an accident or an attempted break-in, can knock a door knob out of alignment. This impact might bend the hardware or shift its positioning.

If you know how to recognize these lock issues early on, you can save yourself from bigger problems down the road. If your door knob is giving you trouble, it might be time for a door lock repair. Keeping your front door knob in good working order not only eases daily life but also secures your home against potential intruders.

Door Lock Repair Near Me

Is your front door knob harder to turn than usual? Do not let a sticky door knob put your home’s security at risk. In NE Washington, DC, it is essential to have a door that locks smoothly and securely. If you are constantly jiggling your knob or applying extra force to close your door, it is a clear sign that something is wrong. Yet, no need to worry. MacArthur Locks & Doors is here to help. For prompt and professional lock repair, trust only the best locksmiths in DC. Call us right now to ensure your door functions reliably and keeps your home secure and hassle-free.

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