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Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors recently handled a commercial door repair at a hotel in Arlington, VA. The hotel's management reported a problem with a wobbly brass handle on a passage door, which was troubling for guests trying to enter and exit.

Scope of the Commercial Door Repair

Hardware Inspection

When our team arrived, we noted that the handle and the door push plate were both loose, which was likely due to frequent use.

Tightening and Replacement

To fix it, we quickly tightened all loose screws and replaced any that were damaged to make the handle stable and the door work as intended.  

Final Testing

Then, we carefully checked the door several times to make sure that everything was tight and secure. We also let the client test it to confirm the ease of opening and closing.  

In no time, this service repair, which fixed the door and made the guests' overall stay better, impressed them. Upon completing our work, we received nothing but praise from the hotel manager and their staff. They were thankful for our door repair experts, who were quick and prompt to fix the problem at hand. Our commercial door repair also prevented future security risks, which made the hotel even more convinced of our skills.  

What Is the Purpose of a Door Push Plate?

Ever taken a moment to appreciate the shiny plate on hotel doors that you push to open? This metal backplate is a door push plate. It is not just a fancy door accessory! It has several important roles that make the door more useful and last longer. When people push on a door or when luggage or service carts bump into it, the door's surface gets worn down. A door push plate defends that surface.

When working in a busy hotel, it is important to keep everything looking clean and make sure everything works. The door push plate keeps the surface from getting dirty or broken, which could have a bad impact on guests. These metal plates, made of strong materials like brass or stainless steel, would not break down even with daily use. This strength is especially important in places with a lot of foot traffic. It helps keep maintenance costs low and makes the door last longer.

Is This Door Hardware Really Necessary?

From the point of view of a commercial locksmith, adding a door push plate is a thoughtful touch that makes a building safer and more efficient. When placed and taken care of properly, these plates keep doors not only working but also safe. Make it a habit to check and service these plates as part of regular commercial door repairs. It can help keep problems from happening that could damage the door's structure or appearance. For any hotel in Arlington, VA, always check that these parts are in great shape to make sure that every guest and customer has a great time.  

Door Repair Services Near Me

Is the entryway of your hotel showing signs of wear or malfunctioning doors? At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we offer the best commercial door repair services for hotels in Arlington, VA. Whether it is fixing a loose door push plate or handling more extensive door repairs, our skilled locksmiths ensure your entrance is both welcoming and secure. Do not let a faulty door affect your guests' first impression. Contact us today for reliable door repair Arlington services and maintain the excellence and safety of your business doors.

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