Door Closer Repair Bethesda, MD

Door Closer Repair Bethesda, MD

Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors recently tackled a door closer repair for a client in Bethesda, MD. The back door of their loading and unloading area experienced issues with its door closer. This particular door was not closing properly. The manager and staff noticed the door’s abnormal closing speed and the squeaking sounds it made, so they reached out to us for a solution.

Scope of the Door Closer Repair


We dispatched a locksmith Bethesda to check the situation. Upon arrival, we first examined the door closer to identify the cause of the irregular closing speed and the noise.


After pinpointing the root of the issue, we tightened the loose screws and realigned the door closer for optimal operation. Then, we lubricated the internal mechanism to eliminate the squeaking and adjusted the hydraulic pressure to correct the closing speed. 

Final Testing

We then tested the door, observing its closing speed and noise level. With these further checks, the door opened and closed smoothly and quietly. The commercial door closer repair was successful, and the door was compliant with safety standards.

The client felt happy with how fast and efficiently we fixed their door closer. They were thankful for our quick turnaround and effective work that got their door back in working order, letting their business run smoothly again. This fix did more than just solve a problem; it made them trust MacArthur Locks & Doors even more for any locksmith work they will need in the future.

The Role of Door Closers in the Food Service Industry

Have you ever thought about how commercial doors can affect your business flow? Though they look like small devices, door closers are actually key players. Not only do they keep your business safe and secure, but they also help maintain temperature control and food sanitation in check. If you have a door that does not close properly, the temperature inside could change, which could ruin merchandise or make your energy bills go up. Also, a faulty door closer can disrupt the smooth flow of staff and deliveries in and out of the building. If that happens, it can slow down your service and maybe even compromise health standards.

That explains why it is important to keep your door closers in good shape. A quick fix to the door closer can get rid of noise problems or adjust the speed so the doors do not slam shut. For businesses in Bethesda, MD, fixing door closers on a regular basis is not just a simple task. This crucial step could keep your business running smoothly, your staff safe, and your customers happy at all times.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

Got a sticky door slowing down your food business in Bethesda, MD? A problematic door closer should not stand in the way of your busy day. At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we are here to fix that with our expert door closer repair services, designed specifically for commercial doors like yours. Our skilled commercial locksmith team is on standby to provide commercial door repair services right away, ensuring your business runs without a hitch. Contact us today, and let us get your commercial doors back in perfect shape. Focus on what you do best—to serve customers and leave smiles on their faces.

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