Lock Rekey NW Washington, DC

Lock Rekey NW Washington, DC

Project Description

We were called in by a commercial property owner in NW Washington, DC, for a lock rekey service. In a move to update its security system, the owner eventually chose to rekey their old cylinder locks. In discovery, he realized that he no longer had his master key to match this particular cylinder lock properly. After surveying the area and inspecting the entire building, we rekeyed all of the locks in the property. We also left a few handy tips detailing how the client could avoid potential risks with their master key system. Another satisfied client served by MacArthur Locks & Doors.

A master key system is a system of locks that users can open using a single key. These systems are often used to access common areas in a building, like stairwells, elevator shafts, and lobbies. The benefits of a master key system include increased security, high employee satisfaction, and lower operational costs. Unfortunately, there are also some downsides to this system. Every business must know the potential risks before choosing this type of lock for their facility. Understanding how to spot these issues is critical for avoiding an accident or security breach in your facility.

Potential Risks in a Master Key System

Theft or Loss of the Key

Master keys are useful for getting into your office but can be a hassle to manage. A major risk of possessing a key that grants you access to many different locks is misplacing it or leaving it in an unsecured place. Even the most responsible employees can misplace their keys, especially in large offices with multiple master keyholders. That can be problematic for organizations when employees are unwilling to report the key loss promptly. In addition, unwarranted access can lead to high costs, including replacing all locks, new keys for affected employees, and major management issues.

Breach in Security

When a design for restricted master keys is registered, only a specific locksmith can make copies. It ensures that only authorized individuals have access to duplicate keys. Without this system in place, it would be easy for anyone to get a copy of a key from a key shop. That would compromise security and decrease control over who has access to keys. In addition, poorly designed keys may open the wrong locks in your building. Thus, allowing criminals access to restricted areas and sensitive information. It can lead to data theft, property damage, and other serious security issues for businesses. Imagine how risky it can be.

Keys Replacement for Employees

As employees advance in their careers, they will need access to more areas of the company premises. For instance, top executives will have the keys to access more areas than junior workers. Therefore, when employees are promoted, their keys need to be replaced to access other offices and areas in the building.

How To Identify Potential Risks in a Master Key System

It is important to know the signs that your master key system may have been compromised. Some indications that your system may be at risk include the following:

Internal Theft

Items frequently misplaced or missing in a particular area may result from unauthorized access by individuals with malicious intent. That can compromise the safety of the location and other nearby restricted areas.

Unauthorized Use of Keys

When people who are authorized to have keys give them to others, unauthorized people can access areas they would not usually be able to. For example, when an employee leaves a company and does not return their key, someone with bad intentions may gain access to your business premises.

Unauthorized Access After Rekeying

Unauthorized access to secure areas after rekeying is a serious problem that can leave your premises vulnerable to intrusion. For example, lock shops may sell key stock without your knowledge, or an authorized holder may be careless with their master key, allowing access to anyone who finds it. In either case, you cannot be sure who is accessing the area and their intentions.

DC Locksmith Services

Like any security system, there are risks associated with a master key system. Gladly, MacArthur Locks & Doors is a commercial locksmith and master key system provider serving the Washington, DC, area. We offer a full suite of locksmith services for businesses of all sizes, including lock rekeying, key duplication, and lock installation. Our locksmiths specialize in lock rekeying, master key systems, and high-security locks. We are here to help you keep your business safe and secure, so you can focus on what you do best. Contact us today and see how we can help!

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