There are many options that a company can utilize to make sure their business property is secure. Security is the top priority for every business owner, whether a small business or a large organization. A master key system is one of the most effective ways to provide extra security for a business facility. 

master key system provides multilayered security levels for a business property and complete accessibility for the business owner. For business owners who consider privacy and security as top concerns, installing one is a non-negotiable factor. In this blog, we will detail the importance of this key system for a business.  

What Is a Master Key System?

A master key system is a smart and scalable option with high-security locks for business facilities and similar establishments. It is a mechanical access system in which a single key can open different locks within a building. Moreover, this system is customizable and can be changed according to the locksmith services required for your facility. 

  • Great grandmaster key – This key works as a super-master key that can open all keys under a particular system. You can use this key to unlock the grandmaster, master, and individual keys. 
  • Grandmaster key – This key can unlock multiple master keys in separate groups, with the master key only operating within its group. This group can be either a department within a company or a separate section of a building.
  • Master key – Using a master key, you can lock and unlock different locks within a group that uses different individual keys. 
  • Submaster key – This is also referred to as the change key. It works as a normal key that you can use to open only one lock. However, you can open the lock of this sub-master key by using a master key. 

Generally, the master key system enables you to have two or more keys to open a single lock. This very secure keying solution leverages a pin-and-tumbler design at its core. In other words, selected keys are configured to open a set of locks. The locks in the pin and tumbler system have a driver pin and a key pin set at different levels depending on the key. The opening pins are lifted when the correct key is inserted. 

The Benefits of a Master Key System

If you want to optimize your business property’s privacy and security, then a master key system is the right option. There are numerous benefits of using such a system for businesses. Listed below are a few advantages of investing in this smart solution. 

Improved Security

By installing a master key system, it becomes easier to separate restricted and unrestricted areas for your staff. For example, you can restrict people from accessing to places where official documents or valuable assets are stored or servers are installed. Therefore, you can ensure advanced security using this key system.  

Better Efficiency

When there is a well-configured master key system in place, you can provide employees access to areas they need to go. As a result, they will not have to disturb you or anytime they need access to specific departments or sections of a building. Subsequently, this will help to improve workplace productivity.   

Added Convenience

As the business owner, you can have full access to all commercial building sections with a single grand master key. A commercial locksmith will have the expertise to install a master key system for your business.

Customizable and Scalable

A master key system allows you to scale your locking system as your business grows. There are mechanical and electrical versions that you can adapt to your business needs. Since the system is fully customizable, it can ensure better security and efficiency. 

Better Control

If you are a commercial building owner, you need to have unlimited access to the property. However, you can provide master keys to a trusted manager or executive staff. Without your permission, it is impossible to duplicate these keys.

Who Should Use a Master Key System?

Wondering whether you need such a key system? This key system is an ideal option for all commercial buildings, and certain businesses should install it. Here are the types of companies that can gain added security from a master key system. 

  • Medical Facility – With multiple employees, and different types of records, tools, and machines, a master key system is essential for businesses in the medical sector. 
  • Educational Institution – This system lets the head of the institution access every room in the school, and staff can only have the keys to classes. 
  • Bank – With security in mind, these key systems are essential for banks with multiple offices, lock rooms, and safes. 
  • Warehouses – A master key system enables storage facilities to have a high-security lock system while the business owner will have entry to all facility doors. 

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