Security is a very important part of running a business. If you own and manage one, you most likely have security systems in place. A basic security system is vital to protect your commercial property from break-ins, robbery, and theft. For example, the locks and keys inside a building are the first line of defense against unwanted people. However, even the most secure commercial establishments must update their security locks regularly.

Why It Is Important to Update Security Locks in Business

There are several options for security locks that are technologically superior to the rest. However, you may find that your locks are not the optimal security for your business. That can be a big issue in the future. Of course, you or any business owner do not want to experience any theft or robbery on the premises. So updating security locks in business is very important. Our commercial door Washington DC specialists have laid out the reasons why you should upgrade your commercial security locks.

Newer commercial locks offer increased security

Commercial locks are engineered to keep buildings and businesses safe from intruders. With the ways of breaking into buildings constantly evolving, commercial door locksmith experts support updating your security system. They say standard locks with pin tumblers are a security hazard as they are the easiest types to manipulate. You may keep lock-picking intruders out of your business by upgrading your locks to a high-security lock system.

High-security locks have complex cylinder mechanisms to deter criminals from bumping or forming an impression of the lock. These locks are constructed from durable heavy metals and have no plastic components. They use reinforced steel bolts to withstand excessive force such as ramming, kicking, and drilling. A harder metal case and special metal pins or disks are in place to prevent the drill from penetrating the lock.

Upgraded locks prevent unauthorized key duplication

Many business owners worry about their keys being stolen or copied without permission. Adding a restricted keyway system to high-security locks prevents unauthorized people from copying keys. In addition, only one locksmith can produce duplicate keys with explicit authorization from the business owner. This aids in the establishment of key control inside a company or organization. As soon as you have any employee turnover, it is recommended that you contact a licensed commercial locksmith to update your locks.

Smart locks allow you to monitor and control your security remotely

It is now easier than ever to secure your business with smart commercial locks. For example, you may set up numerous special access codes for different employees, allowing them authority to enter certain sections of the premises. You can also install high-security smart locks on every door and window of your commercial space.  Afterward, use your smartphone or computer to remotely lock, unlock, and disarm the system. Then, in a close second, the smart lock will send an alert if someone tries to break into your commercial property.

Keyless door locks are convenient in commercial settings

Modern keyless digital door locks outperform standard locks with mechanical keys in several ways. You only need to type your code on the panel with keyless entry, and you are good to go. There is no need to carry heavy keys with you or worry about forgetting keys and locking yourself outside your office or store. Depending on the type of keyless locking system you selected, authorized people can use their smartphone for entry or a key fob that will automatically unlock the door.

Update security locks through customization options

You can tailor commercial locks according to your business’s safety and security needs. They are customizable to match particular doors and areas so that you will find options tailored to your needs. There are endless possibilities. Whether you are opening a new storefront or expanding your manufacturing facility, you do not have to worry about a thing. This level of customizability is critical for organizations to be secure and efficient.

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