Handleset Door Lock Chevy Chase

Handleset Door Lock Chevy Chase

Project Description

A homeowner in Chevy Chase, MD, who needed help installing their new handleset door lock, contacted us at MacArthur Locks & Doors. The new homeowners wanted to change the front door lock as soon as possible after purchasing a pre-owned house. So they did some research and found a great option — a Baldwin single-cylinder keyed entry handleset in polished brass finish. After measuring the door jamb, the client realized the previous slot was too small for the extra-large deadbolt plate. Finally, they decided to call in a professional to avoid damaging the door jamb. Another quick door lock installation is complete! This one took less than 30 minutes — great work by our team!

Your home is often your single largest investment, so keeping the door closed and secure at all times is important. Most houses and apartments feature a door with a front door handle set on the outside and a lever or door knob on the other side. This type of lock is called a handleset door lock.

Handlesets are an excellent way to update the look of your home, whether you are remodeling your kitchen or adding exterior security to your front door. The simplicity of installing exterior door handle sets is perfect for beginners or do-it-yourself homeowners. Have you thought about giving it a try? Then let us show you how to do it expertly.

How to Install a Front Door Handleset

Prepare your door for a knob/lever and deadbolt combination

Make sure that your door is properly prepared with the necessary boreholes. This first step will ensure that you can install both a knob and lever, as well as a deadbolt, on your door. The latch bore typically has a diameter of 1" to accommodate bolts from mechanical or electronic locksets. Be aware of its dimensions to ensure that your new handle fits the door correctly.

Prepare the supplies needed

Before beginning the installation, check that you have all the tools and parts for your handleset. Having everything on hand will make the process go more smoothly. Here is a checklist of the things you will need:

• Door knob/handle kit
• Deadbolt kit (if not included)
• Tape measure
• Pencil
• Utility knife (if you need to widen the strike plate slot)
• 1-inch chisel (if you need to widen the strike plate slot)
• Power drill (or Philips screwdriver with a long shaft)
• Countersink bit (if using a drill)
• Flathead screwdriver (optional)
• Hammer
• Block of wood

Step 1: Install the Latch

Secure a rectangular faceplate to the doorjamb with the bevel facing it and the latch in place. Use the two short screws to secure it. To install a round drive-in faceplate, slide the latch into the hole, making sure the bevel is facing the door jamb. Slide it until it is flush with the door edge, and tap it lightly with a block of wood to protect the latch.

Step 2: Install the Outside Handle Assembly

Attach the door handle by fixing the spindle into the thread on the lock. Pull out the adjustable latch until it is set into place, and tighten the polished handle onto the door. You may need to drill another hole to fit your new door handle if it joins to the door below the bottom borehole.

Step 3: Install the Inside Lever

Begin by locating the door's top edge and the appropriate placement for your lever. Next, make sure that a screw hole is located on each side. Now, place the inside lever on the door parallel to these holes. The screw holes should be pointing down toward the bottom of the door.

Step 3: Install the Deadbolt Lock

Ensure that the top of the latch bolt points up as you insert it into the upper cross bore (follow the arrow on the latch bolt). Next, secure the faceplate with screws. Finally, install the lock mechanisms on each side of the door. Be careful to place the keyed cylinder portion outside. When unlocked, the inside thumb turn should face upward. When locked, it should face the door jamb.

Step 5: Install the Strike Plates

Attach the strike plate for the handle with two tiny screws while positioning it against the door jamb. Ensure that the strike plate's curved lip is in the direction the door opens. Pre-drill your holes, position the strike plate with the deadbolt, then fasten it to the door jamb with two larger screws for added reinforcement. Drill the two long screws alternately to prevent the strike plate from being forced out of alignment.

Locksmith Services from MacArthur Locks & Doors

Did you recently move into a pre-owned house or simply want to change an old front door lock? Replace your old or broken handleset to give your home a fresh look. MacArthur Locks & Doors is a trusted provider of handleset door lock installation and repair services in Washington, DC. We are your one-stop shop for locksmith services, from handleset installation to repairs and replacements. Our experienced technicians are here to help you solve any locksmith problem, big or small. 

On top of that, we offer a wide range of locks, including standard deadbolts and keyless entry systems. These and more so that you can pick the perfect option for your needs. And since we are a locally owned and operated business, we are always happy to advise and recommend the best locks for your home or business. So call us to get started!

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