Lock Rekey NE Washington, DC

Lock Rekey NE Washington, DC

Project Description

An owner of this vacation home in NE Washington, DC, had MacArthur Locks & Doors do a typical lock rekey job. The client asked us to fix a Baldwin mortise handleset for a wooden double-door entrance. These antique pieces feature a keyed cylinder lock on this front door. They had not visited this house for a while, so the lock had become hard for the owner to open. After we received the client's service request, we went to the place right away to take a look.

Scope of the Lock Rekey

To rekey the lock, we followed these steps meticulously:

First Inspection and Decision

Our residential locksmith noticed the door's old, full plate handle trim instantly. We tried opening the door using the owner's key first. It took a lot of force to turn the key and unlock the door. The owner expressed their desire to keep the lock's aesthetic and historical value. So, instead of a lock replacement, we suggested a cheaper yet tried and tested fix: a lock rekey. The owner felt eager to restore the lock's functionality while retaining its vintage charm.

Disassembling Lock

Our locksmith gently disassembled the handle set and took out the cylinder. We did it with extra care without causing damage to the door or its decorative trim and handle.

Rekeying Cylinders

Right on the site, we rekeyed the cylinder lock. After adjusting the cylinder pins, a new key could open the lock, so the old key was no longer useful.

Maintenance and Lubrication

After rekeying, we cleaned the lock and lubed the working parts of the lock system. This step made sure that the key would turn easily in the future without forcing it too hard.

Reassembling and Testing

We put the lock assembly and remounted it on the door. Our locksmith tested the new key many times to check if the lock worked properly.

Client Feedback

The homeowner was very happy with the lock rekey. They loved that we fixed the lock while keeping its unique, old-fashioned look. The door became easier to use and more secure, which made them feel very satisfied and secure.

MacArthur Locks & Doors understands the need to find a balance between style, safety, and ease of use. This project in NE Washington, DC, makes us proud of what we do best. It shows our team's ability to offer solutions that are unique for each client. In this case, they entrusted us with the task of keeping the integrity and beauty of their old home.

Restoring the Lock of Vintage Homes

Fixing up an old house's lock is a delicate job that blends history with safety. Have you thought about how to keep the doors to your old house safe while keeping their charm? It is important to find balance. Hire professionals who know how valuable it is to keep your home's legacy alive when it comes to antique doors and locks. The goal is to make the lock work better without changing how it looks. With a lock rekey, the old-fashioned look and current comfort of your old vacation house are kept. How can this be possible? Find a locksmith DC that carefully updates old locks to make sure they work easily and reliably while still keeping their character.

Rekey Locks Near Me

Do you have an old house in NE Washington, DC, and are concerned about its security? At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we are experts in lock rekeying, lock change, and all other locksmith services. We make sure your vintage home stays beautiful and becomes more secure. Our team of residential locksmiths knows how important your home's history is, and we work carefully to keep its classic look. Do not let your stunning old home be at risk. Contact us now for locksmith services that keep your home safe and respect its history.

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