Electronic Lock Installation Chevy Chase

Project Description

This homeowner in Chevy Chase, MD, wanted to make their home safer, so they decided to replace their old door lock with a more modern electronic door lock system. They had already purchased an electronic lock but were not confident in a DIY installation. So, they contacted MacArthur Locks & Doors for a professional electronic lock installation

However, during our assessment, we saw that the structural integrity of the existing door was already compromised, particularly around the latch areas. To solve this problem effectively, our locksmith suggested installing recessed lock reinforcement plates to strengthen the door’s weak spots. The hardware made sure that the locks were anchored securely and added an extra layer of security against breaking in.

What We Did to Fix Their Front Door Lock

Fixing the Door and Lock

We started by working on the door, making sure it was strong enough to hold the locks. Then we looked at the existing knob lock and found some broken pins. To make sure the house was secure, we changed the lock’s internal mechanism, a process known as rekeying. It made the lock safer.

Extra Security Step

Next, we installed the lock reinforcement plates. These wrap-around plates are the perfect solution for reinforcing doors, especially when the door latch area is damaged.

Installing the New Keyless Lock

After reinforcing the latch areas, we put in the new Google Nest x Yale Lock, making sure it worked well with the front door. We also took time to teach the owner how to use the new electronic lock.

Happy Client, Successful Project

We expertly fixed their door and upgraded the lock, and we were there for the client from start to finish. They felt much more secure and happy now that they had a more secure front door.

This project shows our team’s dedication to great service, giving the best advice, and doing quality work. We are proud of how we handle urgent situations and how we help people make their homes safer and more secure.

Why Choose an Electronic Lock Installation

Electronic door locks offer several advantages over traditional locks in terms of security. They are a safer choice because they are harder to pick or bump than regular locks. Electronic locks are often combined with automated security systems to improve security, where they trigger an alarm and make it burglar-proof. Some of the latest safety features include dual control options, dual token mode, time delay options, wrong try functions, one-time use codes, and more.

According to a comparison between mechanical and electronic door locks, both locks are on par when it comes to being secure. However, an electronic door lock simply has more multifunctional features that allow it to have more restrictions. You can set up unique and temporary codes for friends or workers to keep your home safe. And guess what? Many of these locks even let you lock and unlock your door from afar using your phone. It is high time to upgrade to smarter home security, right?

The Upsides of an Electronic Door Lock

Upgrading your home security with an electronic door lock installation is a smart move. But why settle for just any lock when you can have one that suits your lifestyle? Whether you are a busy parent juggling groceries and kids, a frequent traveler who needs to secure your home while away, or someone who loves the latest tech gadgets, an electronic lock fits all these needs. These locks do more than just lock doors. They send alerts if someone tries to break in and let you know who is coming and going. So, why wait to make your home safer and smarter with an electronic lock?

Lock Installation Service Near Me

Are you ready to upgrade your home security with an electronic lock installation? Let MacArthur Locks & Doors help you with our top-notch and tested smart locks! Our expert door lock installation service is just what you need to bring your home security into the 21st century. If you are in Chevy Chase, MD, or just nearby, our team is ready to provide you with a seamless and professional lock installation service. Do not miss out on this opportunity to enhance your home security. Say goodbye to old-fashioned keys and hello to convenience and safety. Call us today and take the first step towards a safer, smarter home!


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