Lock Repair SE Washington, DC

Lock Repair SE Washington, DC

Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors recently finished a lock repair job for a client in SE Washington, DC. One of their facility's aluminum outswing doors had a lock that was not working right, which was a big safety concern. The issue was with the door's mortise lock hook deadbolt, which had a keyed cylinder. Sometimes, in places where doors get a lot of use, the thumbturn part of the lock can get stuck. This issue happens because of dirt buildup, parts misalignment, or just general wear and tear, making it hard to lock or unlock the door.

Scope of the Lock Repair

Timely Arrival and Inspection

Our locksmith DC arrived promptly before the business opened for the day. They began with a careful inspection of the mortise lock to see what went wrong and determine the extent of the issue.

Identifying the Problem

We found that the thumbturn on the backset of the lock cylinder was stuck. It was the reason the lock was not working as it should.

Cleaning and a Few Adjustments

To get rid of any debris or buildup, the locksmith disassembled the lock mechanism and cleaned all the parts. With precision and care, we realigned the parts for the smooth operation of the lock.


After cleaning and adjusting, our locksmith lubricated the thumbturn to prevent it from getting stuck again. We made sure that the thumbturn moved freely with no resistance.

Reassembly and Testing

Then, we reassembled the lock and tested it multiple times to ensure effortless locking and unlocking from both inside and outside. 

Final Inspection

One last check showed the lock's full functionality and the door's safety.

Client Satisfaction

The client appreciated MacArthur Locks & Doors' speedy and reliable lock repair service. They praised our locksmith's prompt service and repair expertise. Fixing the lock before the business opened kept their routine the same. This project highlights our commitment to providing timely, expert locksmith services to businesses in SE Washington, DC. 

Door Locks and Security Measures at Schools

Let us say you run a preschool or daycare in SE Washington, DC. Parents put their trust in you and your building every morning so that you can watch their children. But how safe are your front doors? It is not enough to just have locks. Schools require sturdy locks to manage noise, activity, and access. You cannot just choose to buy good door locks and other security measures. If you own or run a school, make sure that your lock, whether it is a deadbolt or a keypad lock, can keep the kids safe and give their families peace of mind.

Now, picture some dubious stranger trying to enter a playschool. Advanced security measures, like keyless entry systems or biometric locks, make it easy to control who can get in and out. These more advanced locks make sure that only staff and listed families can do so. Updating these methods and practicing safety drills on a regular basis can make a big difference in how ready you are. Taking these steps will not only protect your playschool from thieves but also show that you are serious about making sure every child has a safe place to learn.

Commercial Locksmith Near Me

Are the locks on your school or business strong enough to keep your property safe in SE Washington, DC? Do not wait for a break-in to happen! At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we specialize in professional lock repair and lock change services, ensuring your property's safety and security. Our locksmith DC experts are here to provide you with fast, reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it is upgrading old locks or fixing current ones, make the smart choice for your peace of mind. Contact us today, and let us fortify your defenses with our expert locksmith services.


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