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Lock Rekey Chevy Chase

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When a rental property manager from Chevy Chase, MD, reached out to us in need of a lock rekey service, we were happy to oblige. Someone who attempted to pick the Knox Box access system at one of their properties damaged its locking mechanism. So their insurance company immediately suggested they contact us at MacArthur Locks & Doors to have us rekey the lock. We were able to complete the lock rekeying procedure in a single afternoon. The client was astounded by how quickly we did the service. They even thanked us that they saved some bucks by not replacing their entire lock box.

During an emergency, the last thing you want to be anxious about is whether or not your property is accessible to first responders. A functional Knox Box is crucial, as it can save lives inside and outside your property. With a Knox Box, you can rest assured that the fire department and emergency medical services can get in and assist when you need it most.

What is a Knox Box?

A Knox Box is a compact lock box or safe usually mounted on walls. These safe boxes store residence or building keys for emergency retrieval by fire departments, ambulance services, and occasionally police. They are designed for households with occupants who frequently require emergency medical assistance and where access may be a problem. In Maryland, some cities require commercial buildings and multi-family homes to have a rapid entry system.  

Who Has Keys to a Knox Box?

The local fire departments can access all Knox Boxes in their response area via master keys. These lock boxes allow them to enter houses or buildings nearby without using force or searching for individual keys left in the station's safe. Since firefighters can access buildings without smashing doors or windows, a Knox Box can also reduce fire losses for property owners. Additionally, it can lessen the chance that a firefighter will suffer an injury while trying to gain entrance. 

How Does This Key Lock Box Benefit Property Owners?

Forced entry is one of the primary causes of property damage and break-ins. However, by installing a rapid entry box, you can eliminate this problem and feel secure knowing that the fire department has the only key to your home. 

Property owners benefit from the Knox® Rapid Access System in two ways. First, by handling emergencies more quickly, and second, by minimizing damage from fire department entry.

As already stated, a Knox Box allows the fire department to access the building more quickly in an emergency. That means faster fire control or more rapid shut off of a sprinkler system, resulting in less water damage. Moreover, rapid entry boxes are attack-resistant and UL-tested for reliability, so you can rest assured that your home or property is safe when you are not there.

Can a Locksmith Rekey a Lock Box?

Yes, a safe locksmith with the right experience and training can create a new key for your lock box. Asking a locksmith to rekey your lock box is a great idea to guarantee that only you have access to the keys. This lock rekey is similar to having a key made for your house or car. However, the process may take a little longer since safes are usually more complex.

You may have valid reasons why you need to get a new key for your lock box. First, you may have lost the old one, or maybe it has been worn out by the weather. Whatever the reason, an experienced locksmith can create a new replacement key for you.

Lock Rekey Services Near Me

Not all lock boxes are alike! That is why we have different locksmiths specializing in safes and key lock boxes! We at MacArthur Locks & Doors are your one-stop shop for all your locksmith needs, including a lock rekey service! After all, key replacement is a costly undertaking. If you manage a residential or commercial property in the DMV area, we have a team of highly trained local DC locksmiths who are equipped to handle any situation. Whether it is a door replacement or repair, a lockout situation, or anything else, you can always trust our expert locksmiths! Call us today to learn more.

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