Entry Door Handleset Replacement Bethesda

Entry Door Handleset Replacement Bethesda

Project Description

A client in Bethesda, MD, contacted us when they noticed that their old handleset had formed signs of rust around the door. They were going away on holiday and knew they needed something more dependable for security before they traveled. We recommended this Schlage handleset as it complimented the existing functional deadbolt on their door. At the same time, we suggested they add a kick plate at the bottom part of their door to protect it from being damaged. Our locks professional replaced the old handleset and installed the door kick plate that would last them for many years. MacArthur Locks & Doors was able to provide the client with an entry door handleset replacement service on short notice!

The holidays are when homeowners are away from their houses, traveling to see family or friends in other cities. Unfortunately, they are also when break-ins are most likely to occur. Investing some time and effort into taking care of your home before you go on holiday is crucial to safeguarding the safety of your belongings. A small amount of preparation can go a long way in preventing the devastation of being a victim of burglary.

Ways to Deter Burglary During the Holidays

Install a Real-Time Monitoring Security System

Home security cameras, also known as CCTV or closed-circuit television, are becoming increasingly popular. You can buy home security cameras in local malls or online retailers, which come in various models. The capability to remotely monitor your property will provide peace of mind. Some models also feature voice access, allowing you to communicate with the camera and be heard by anyone around. Furthermore, the mere sight of a home security camera can discourage robbery or trespassing. The installation of CCTV will make potential burglars aware that their movements are being monitored and recorded.

Install Security Sensors

Security sensors can help you keep track of any unauthorized entry into your home. There are many different security sensors, but the most important ones to look for are motion sensors, door and window sensors, and glass break sensors. A motion sensor will detect nearby activity, a door and window sensor will detect whether a door or window has been opened, and a glass break sensor will make a loud noise that can scare away a thief or alert your neighbors to a break-in attempt.

Secure Your Shed and Garage

Sheds and garages are often used to store expensive garden tools, furniture, and bikes. Unfortunately, it can make them a target for thieves. Therefore, it is important to ensure your shed or garage is well-secured to deter them.

Never Leave an Extra Set of Keys Outside

A spare key may seem like a good idea in an emergency, but it could do more harm than good. For example, burglars often search for hidden keys under rugs, plant pots, and outdoor furniture. To avoid falling victim to break-ins, give a spare key to a trusted neighbor or friend instead of leaving it outside for burglars to find. And remember, MacArthur Locks & Doors is always available to help if you need key duplication services.

Replace Your Locks If Needed

One simple security measure to protect your home is to change the locks on all the exterior doors. High-security locks like Medeco deadbolts and Mul-T-Lock locksets are bump, pick, and drill-resistant, making them the most secure way to lock your exterior doors. However, the best approach would be to install a keyless entry or smart lock if you have the budget. Smart locks have remote functionalities powered through Wi-Fi. They allow you to send virtual keys and monitor, track, and control door activity through a smartphone app. 

Locksmith Near Me

Do you need help installing new exterior door handlesets? Are you replacing outdated locks? MacArthur Locks & Doors is here to help! We can assist with your home security needs, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday. So call us now at (202) 760-4589 or submit a service request online today.

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