Patio Door Lock Repair Arlington

Patio Door Lock Repair Arlington

Project Description

A homeowner in Arlington, VA, contacted MacArthur Locks & Doors to repair their patio door lock. They needed help locking the door properly. Our locksmith inspected the lockset and found a broken spring that prevented the latch from fully engaging. We quickly removed the lockset, and our residential locksmith replaced the spring. We completed the job less than an hour after the fix and coated the lock with silicone lubricant. The client complimented our prompt residential locksmith service and expressed their satisfaction with the results.

Sliding door locks can be a pain to deal with, but there are a few things you can try that may help. One of these solutions might be able to fix your issue, whether the latch is in the locked position or the device refuses to lock. Please remember that sometimes, these methods can only partially address the underlying issue with your sliding door locks. The following steps will not fix structural concerns or door warping, but they can be used to reduce the possibility of more serious problems.

Simple Solutions For Sliding Door Lock Repair


Sliding door locks are frequently repairable with lubricant. It is not always a permanent solution, but it can open your door long enough to make other repairs or replacements. Make sure you purchased the right type of lubricant before starting.

There are some factors to take in when choosing a door lock lubricant. First, you want to avoid any oil-based products. These can attract dust and debris, which can eventually cause your lock to gum up and stop working. Second, consider how long you need the lubricant to last.

When your sliding door lock is not working correctly, one possible solution is to lubricate the parts that are not moving as they should. For example, it can fix a latch that is stuck in the locked position or one that is not extending properly. Apply the lubricant within any keyways to the bolt, latch, or internal mechanisms to lubricate the parts of your lock.

Door Fixes

Sometimes you need help fixing a sliding door lock because the problem is with the door itself. Unfortunately, it is a very common occurrence with sliding door locks. This is because the long track and the tolerances are very tight. Therefore, any disruption to the track's surface can affect the door's ability to open.

Shifting home or the deformation of the door can cause door problems. In these situations, you can fix the issue by adjusting the lock up or down or reducing the door to match the slope of the track.

There may be better options than sliding doors for physical security. They can be forced open relatively easily, which can cause the glass or screen to break. Additionally, it can pose a problem when trying to repair the door. Be careful to apply only a little pressure as you work on it.

Lock Repair

Most people think of repair when it comes to fixing sliding door locks. It involves mending or replacing parts of the existing locking mechanism without replacing the entire thing. Usually, this is a job best left to a professional locksmith DC.

Sliding door locks are often cheaply made and easily break when taken apart. However, there are types of locks built to be durable and serviceable. A sliding door lock must be made to be disassembled and rebuilt to be fixed.

Changing the Locks

It is not always needed to change the lock in order to fix a sliding door lock. In some cases, the existing lock can be disassembled and repaired. At other times, new parts may be available. In other cases, the cost of a new lock may be cheaper than repairing the old one.

You may encounter some difficulty finding a replacement lock that fits your door. It is especially true for patio and screen doors, which come in various styles and sizes. Although, with patience, you can surely find a lock that suits your requirements.

Sliding door locks are often replaced to improve home security. Unfortunately, these entryways have inherent security flaws that can compromise whatever lock is used. A local locksmith should be able to help you select and install the best lock.

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At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality door locks and locksmith services to customers throughout the DMV area. Whether you need commercial or residential door lock installation or repair, our team is here to help. Call us today for free estimates.

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