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A business owner in Arlington, VA, called to ask about the additional security measures they could take for their mini resto-bar. They wanted to reinforce their business security as they noticed a few nicks and scratches on their door lock. At the same time, they were concerned about the expensive replacement cost. So we heard out their needs and thought of the best options for replacement door locks. And our recommendation: a Schlage mortise lockset that fits perfectly on a Von Duprin electrified breakaway lever trim. Our commercial locksmith finished the job within an hour and delivered as promised. The client appreciated our prompt response and felt secure knowing that a solid lock protected their bread and butter. On top of that, we let them know we are available 24/7 for commercial locksmith services.

An exit door can be useful and, at the same time, dangerous. It is useful because it allows you to control who enters and goes out of a certain area. However, it is dangerous because intruders can use it to break into your commercial space. Upgrading your existing opening with electrified trim is an easy upgrade to the security of your door. 

Fail-Secure Mechanism of Mortise Locks

A mortise lock is a locking mechanism designed to stay locked even when the power is out. That is because the default position for the latch is in the 'activated' state (sticking out into the door frame), and it will remain in this state until it is triggered, even when there is no power.

How to Install an Electrified Mortise Lock

Installing a mortise lock is generally more involved than installing a regular lock. For one, you will need to cut out the molding in the door itself. Yet, upgrading to an electrified mortise lock from a regular mortise lock is relatively easy. We can replace your existing lock with an electrified one of similar dimensions. There is no need to change anything else. You can ask our door service experts for complete information on your options.

How to Test a Mortise Lock

Once a new lock is installed, we test it to check if it is functioning properly. There are two components to test: the analog key lock mechanism and the electronic unlocking system.

To test the analog key lock, we use the backup key that the manufacturer provided. Then, to unlock it, we connect the cables to the power supply and access control systems you choose. That will test the electronic unlocking system.

Ways You Can Upgrade the Mortise Lock on Your Exit Doors

One way to upgrade a door to electronic access control is by upgrading the exterior lever trim. That is more cost-effective than replacing both the exit device and the trim. Moreover, electrified trim is not appropriate for all situations. For example, it would not be suitable for a door equipped with an automatic door operator or one where electric dogging is required.

With electrified trim, the door provides free egress at all times. Yet, the exterior lever remains locked until electrically signaled to permit actuation. Electrified trim comes in both failsafe and fail-secure versions. Even with this type of trim, the door will remain positively latched until it is opened by someone manually.

Mortise Lock Installation From MacArthur Locks & Doors

Are you planning to upgrade your commercial door lock? Instead of replacing the entire door, consider adding something new to the current door to make it more functional. Adding electrified trim to a door is a simple, cost-effective improvement that has a huge impact. 

As a reputable lock and door installation company, we at MacArthur Locks & Doors pride ourselves on being prepared for anything and giving our clients quality installations. In addition, we offer a range of locksmith and door services in the DMV area. Call us today to learn more about our locksmith services.

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