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A homeowner in NW Washington, DC, contacted MacArthur Locks & Doors for help with their front door lock. They believed a door knob was insufficient against potential break-ins, so they asked that we install a deadbolt to boost the door's security. Because this was a new installation, we had to bore a hole through the door. The client selected this Kwikset 980 series mechanical deadbolt for its quality and durability. The deadbolt installation took less than an hour. The client thanked us for the tidy job, saying that it made them feel safer than before.

Did you know that burglaries of residential properties account for 62.8 percent of all burglary offenses? Even more surprising is that 34 percent of those burglars enter homes through the front door - simply by turning the handle. The front door is your home's first line of defense. So, having strong locks on your doors is crucial to keeping burglars and intruders out. Installing a deadbolt is one of the most effective ways to add a layer of protection to your home. 

What Are Deadbolts and How Do They Function?

There are two main types of locks - deadbolts and spring bolts. Deadbolts are heavier and more secure, as they require a key or thumb to unlock the door without the aid of a spring. Deadbolts must be manually locked when you are inside your home unless it is a double-cylinder lock.

On the other hand, spring bolts compress when the key is in the cylinder, allowing the door to open. Once closed, the spring automatically jumps back into place, locking the door. 

The cylinder, throw or bolt, and thumb are the three primary components of a deadbolt. The section of the door jam, known as the throw, slides in and out and locks from the inside by rotating the thumb.

The choice between a single-cylinder and double-cylinder deadbolt often comes down to security vs. safety. Double-cylinder deadbolts are more secure because they lock inside with a key. However, this also means a key would be required to exit in an emergency, such as a fire. For this reason, single-cylinder deadbolts are generally the better option for homeowners.

Where Should You Install Deadbolts?

It is ideal to have a deadbolt on every entrance to your home, including the front door, back door, and door to the garage. However, garage doors can be easily kicked in and even lifted manually. So, have a deadbolt on the door from the garage to your house to be safer.

Will a Deadbolt Keep You Secure?

Studies have shown that when forceable entry is necessary, burglars would rather kick down a door than break a window. So it means you can focus more on the security of your doors than windows, and a deadbolt will be significantly helpful.

Locksmiths say no home security measure is more effective than a quality deadbolt. However, this may not be enough to keep you safe. In addition to a deadbolt, use a strong door and secure door frame. Solid wood and steel-clad doors are much better at resisting a break-in than hollow wood. Ensure your door fits snugly within the door frame, and consider installing weather strips to fill any gaps.

Residential Locksmith Near Me

MacArthur Locks & Doors is your local source for emergency locksmith services. We provide the local community with lock repair, lock installation, and key-cutting services. Our locksmith DC professionals are here to help you with any lock needs. We have a wide selection of high-quality locks and can help you choose the right one for your needs. Call us today for free estimates on deadbolt installation or lock change services.

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