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A food establishment in Glen Burnie, MD, contacted MacArthur Locks & Doors for commercial door repair. Their storefront door was dragging on the ground, making pushing and pulling the door open and shut difficult. When our team inspected them, we found aging pivots that needed adjustment because of poor lubrication. We presented the client with the estimates for repairing versus replacing the pivots. The client settled for the latter since it was more practical and cost-efficient. We replaced the old pivots with new, weather-resistant ones made of zinc aluminum. We completed the door repair in less than an hour. With perfectly functional commercial doors in place, this business can take off for good — and we are proud that we could help make this possible.

A malfunctioning storefront door hurts a business operation. As in our client's experience, a commercial door that drags on the ground can aggravate customers and employees because it takes unnecessary time and energy to push and pull the door. So whether you have an office or an establishment, it is important to have a fully functional door. Here is a list of potential issues with storefront doors and the frequent reasons for such concerns.

Common Storefront Door Problems

Dragging Doors

Pushing or pulling open a dragging door takes more time and effort, which can irritate customers and staff. Doors that scrape against the ground may need adjustments or pivot replacement. Additionally, any magnetic locks that were added on could become loose over time, so they should also be periodically monitored. Finally, glass doors may need re-racking for them to move smoothly.

Unreliable Locking System

A strong locking system is paramount for business owners to secure their property. But, unfortunately, there are times when doors cease to lock properly. That could be due to misalignment or an unresponsive panic device. Sometimes, it just needs a top hat adjustment or a malfunctioning lock.

Water Leaks

Finding water inside your building is alarming, as it can lead to water damage and expensive repairs. One way to stop this is to check your door sweeps and rain pipes and replace them where necessary. Additionally, you might need to recaulk or reseal the glass and reattach the threshold or frame, which should help keep dampness out. 

Broken Closers

A common component of commercial doors is the closer. These devices make it possible to open the door without manually closing it, allowing for easy ingress and egress. When a door does not close on its own, it is likely that the closer needs adjustment or replacement due to fluid on the device. Issues with door closers can also be due to lock failure, incorrect installation, or misalignment.

Door Warpage

The effects of temperature, moisture, and other outdoor elements can take a toll on any door, leading to warpage that could require complete replacement. A great example is metal and wooden entryways facing severe heat or humidity, respectively, in the hottest part of summer. Though they may need replacing later, proactive solutions can also help maintain your door's shape and condition for longer.

Commercial Door Repair Near Me

Is your storefront in need of a little TLC? At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we can help make sure your storefront door is in great condition so that you can attract more customers and get more business. 

We are a leading provider of high-quality commercial doors in the DMV area. On top of that, we also provide businesses with the best locksmith service. Our team of professional locksmiths and door installers has the experience and expertise to meet all your storefront door needs at a great price. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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