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We got a call from a business in Silver Spring, MD, that needed commercial door repair. One of their storefront doors was closing too rapidly and scraping the ground. It created safety issues as someone could be injured due to the quick shutting of the door. Our door specialist identified two obvious problems: the door closer was malfunctioning, and this caused it to close dangerously. Secondly, the door needed a new pivot hinge to stop it from scraping against its bottom saddle. We removed the door from its frame, replaced the pivot, and installed a new door closer. We refitted the door onto its frame, and it now operates smoothly.

As customers approach your business, the entrance door is one of the first features they see. Establishments that make a positive first impression are more likely to be successful in the long run. That includes all the small details, such as how easy it is to open the front door. As commercial doors are used multiple times daily, it only stands to reason that their condition can easily deteriorate over time. Fixing faulty door closers is one of our most popular and successful door repairs at MacArthur Locks & Doors.

What Is the Function of Door Closers?

Commercial doors are essentially composed of springs compacted into boxes. As you move the door open, the tension in the door closer is released. As a result, the energy is collected to close when you release your hold on the door. Also, the body of the door closer contains hydraulic oil. It helps to control how quickly the door shuts and prevents it from slamming shut too hard or abruptly.

Repairing a malfunctioning closer is often futile and time-consuming, so the best approach is simply replacing it. Unfortunately, even though the inner workings of closers may appear complex, they cannot usually be adjusted, rebuilt, or repaired.

Common Types of Door Closers

There are three main types of door closers available. 

Surface Mounted Door Closers

Surface door closers can be found on the face of both doors and frames, allowing them to operate via an arm linkage. Because they are easy to install and maintain, these door closers are preferred for many applications.

LCN surface mounted door closers are a top choice for steel and storefront doors for their compatibility with parallel arm installation. However, plenty of other brands, such as Dorma, and the popular Norton 1601, have become the standard for this specific type of closer. This device style features an arm that attaches directly to the top of the door connected to the closer body.

Floor Door Closers

Floor closers are automated door closers that are designed to be hidden within the floor, below the door. They are mainly used for hung glass or aluminum doors. These unobtrusive closers are popular because they provide a neat, tidy look. When considering the door's aesthetics, many businesses view this as a crucial feature.

The most popular model of this kind is the Dorma BTS80 series. However, other leading manufacturers, such as Rixon and Jackson, produce their versions too.

Concealed Overhead Door Closers

Rather than being in plain sight, the overhead concealed closer (OHC) is housed within a door's framing. This type of closer is commonly used in both center-hung and offset models, using either a J-Arm or another similar connection to attach the door to the closer body. The benefit of this design choice is that it leaves glass doors and storefronts with clean lines and a less cluttered look when closed.

Controlling Closing Speeds

Most closers have three primary adjustment options: sweep speed, latch speed, and backcheck. The sweep speed determines the velocity of the door's movement until it is 10 degrees from closure. Then the latch modifies the rate at which the door will close for 10 degrees.

The vital element of a high-grade closer is its ability to adjust the closing force. Therefore, it must be strong enough to counterbalance factors such as wind resistance and stack pressure. Read our feature to learn more on how to adjust a commercial door closer.

Commercial Door Repair Near Me

Need a commercial door repair? We are here to help! Our team of experts at MacArthur Locks & Doors is experienced in all types of door repair, from simple fixes to more complex issues. No matter your commercial door service needs, we are here to help get your door back in working order quickly and efficiently. So give us a call today to schedule a consultation!

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