Commercial Door Repair Fairfax, VA

Commercial Door Repair Fairfax, VA

Project Description

One of the entrance doors failed during a safety inspection in this establishment in Fairfax, VA. So their admin staff called us for commercial door repair. They knew how important a functioning door was, so they asked us to check it out. Our door repair experts discovered that the door closer was causing the glass door to close too fast. An adjustment of the closure mechanism was all it needed. We also found that the spring did not have enough tension to lock the latch back into place. So we adjusted the spring tension and the tightening nuts. After the repair, the door was back to working at the right speed again.

Commercial buildings use different types of doors, whether as part of the building’s interior or its exterior. Each type of commercial door has a specific purpose and can be made from a variety of different materials. Whatever the door is used for and whatever material it is made from, the door will likely need to undergo some repair work at one time or another. There are multiple different ways that a commercial door can become damaged, and these repairs are not all the same. Whether it is a broken lock or a faulty closer, hiring a commercial door repair specialist is important.

Common Commercial Door Problems

Damage from heavy use

Commercial doors are subject to rigorous daily use, and their parts deteriorate over time due to the wear and tear they experience. For example, as traffic on your commercial door increases, you may see the hinges show some signs of damage. In addition, parts like locks, latches, and closers also suffer from wear and tear when many people use them daily.

Physical damage

The main door leaf is a crucial part of a compliant commercial door. It often gets damaged, however. To be effective, the leaf must sit flush against the door stop without any warping or distortion. In addition, there should be no loose glue on veneers or lips, and the door should be free from any dents or holes.

Poorly installed panic hardware

Door panic hardware should be properly mounted to ensure it lasts for years with minimal wear and tear. When not installed properly, they may not stay put over time and will likely need replacement or repair. That is why it is important to look for a trusted lock service contractor that not only sells you a product but also helps you choose the right one and installs it correctly.

Door warpage

Over time, your commercial door will warp due to exposure to moisture and sunlight. As the door warps, it might be permanently bowed or misaligned, requiring a new door installation that can cost thousands of dollars. So, call for a quick inspection when your door starts warping due to exposure to the elements and time. A door repair specialist would know how to prevent continued warping and deterioration from weathering. 

Maintenance of Commercial Doors

Like any regular doors, commercial doors require repairs, replacements, and continuous upkeep. That is especially true for doors that see a lot of traffic or are located where they could be easily damaged. So make sure your commercial doors are always functioning properly. You can sign up for periodic door maintenance through a contractor. 

Commercial Door Repair Near Me

Do not take any chances when it comes to safety. We at MacArthur Locks & Doors are always ready to help you with commercial doors and locksmith services. Plus, our locksmiths can provide the best door repair services in the DMV area, including Fairfax, VA, and the nearby cities. So whether you need emergency repairs for your commercial door or want to schedule an appointment for an upcoming maintenance check on your emergency exit doors, we are here to help. Call us now for service.

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