Door Reinforcer Installation Washington, DC

Door Reinforcer Installation Washington, DC

Project Description

Residents of NW Washington, DC, want to increase the security of their front doors to ensure their homes are safe from break-ins and burglaries. MacArthur Locks & Doors always strives to help these homeowners in any way possible. Our certified locksmiths are ready to help determine the best possible solution for each unique door. In this latest project, the homeowner asked us to install their front door with a knob reinforcer plate. Since the wrap-around plate only required minor changes to the borehole, we completed the door reinforcer installation in under an hour. This inexpensive project made their entry door more secure and less vulnerable to break-ins.

The front door is the best entrance to your home but is also the point of entry for criminals. When your front door is well protected, your house will be better protected overall. Sadly, many people only consider securing their front and other exterior doors after being burglarized. Fortunately, with just a few affordable upgrades to your front door, you can make it much more difficult for thieves to enter your home. Let us go over some products that can strengthen your front door and increase its security.

How to Strengthen a Door

Door security does not have to mean sacrificing style for safety. Modern hinges, locks, and door reinforcement hardware are made to blend in perfectly with your door. 

Door jamb reinforcement kit

Door jamb reinforcement is designed to make it more difficult for robbers to enter your home. A high-gauge steel bar secured into the door jamb with long screws makes the door frame more difficult to break through. In addition, some kits come with steel hinges and lock shields. Just make sure the screws reach the studs in the wall on each side of the doorway. That guarantees that your door jamb is adequately reinforced.

Knob reinforcer plate

Installing a door knob reinforcer is an easy and inexpensive way to make your entry doors more secure and less vulnerable to break-ins. Door reinforcers are three-sided metal plates that encase and strengthen the door around the latch, the door's most vulnerable area. The reinforcer strengthens door latches, but you can also buy reinforcers to strengthen deadbolts. 

High-quality strike plate

Installing new strike plates is an easy way to increase your home security. Strike plates are the metal object through which a deadbolt is secured. You can be sure your deadbolt and door will stay shut by installing new strike plates with screws drilled horizontally into the wall. To up your door's reinforcement, replace the strike plate with a heavy-duty one (or install a strike box) and 3-inch screws. That will make your door more resistant to force.

Hinge jamb pins

Door hinges are an important part of your home's defense; they provide the strength required to hold the edge of the doors in place. Robbers have been known to enter homes through doors with weak hinges. Strengthen the hinges by adding jamb pins to prevent your door from being pulled off. These hardened pins act as deadbolts when the door is closed.

Door latch guard

Latch guards are metal plates that protect the door by reinforcing the space between the door frame and the door itself. They prevent unwanted entry by deterring would-be burglars from tampering with or prying open the door.

Locksmith Near Me

With due diligence, you can find the perfect door reinforcement upgrade for your needs. At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we aim to provide the best solutions and highest quality products that will make your home feel like a fortress. Do you need door lock services in the DMV area? Our locksmiths are available for emergency services, so visit our website or call us for more details.

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