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How to Choose the Right Commercial Door for your Business!

Commercial doors are an important consideration when making your business’ first impression. They also play a crucial role in the security of your commercial location. Doors for commercial applications come in different types, each designed for a particular purpose. Whether you are shopping for commercial doors for a new business or simply want to upgrade your existing ones, our locksmith Washington DC professionals have listed the critical points to consider when choosing the right commercial doors.

Type and material

As mentioned above, there are many options available for commercial doors — from revolving doors to collapsible steel doors to sliding glass doors — they each have different material, function, and intended use.

Wood doors

Commercial establishments prefer wooden doors for aesthetic purposes. If you own a restaurant or cafe, wooden doors can be crafted to fit with the theme or structure of the space. Because they are sensitive to moisture and temperature changes, wooden doors are often used as interior doors in hotels and offices where exposure to strong weather elements is limited.

Steel doors

Steel doors are the top choice for business owners who value security and durability. Steel doors offer better insulation, resistance to fire, and a longer lifespan than wood or fiberglass doors, making them ideal for commercial and industrial use. Most of all, steel doors are much harder to manipulate or break and require minimal maintenance.

Full glass doors

Full glass doors are a popular choice for businesses that require storefront visibility.  A glass door gives a commercial or office space a clean aesthetic appeal and provides passersby with easy visibility to peek inside. However, commercial locksmith experts say that glass doors do not offer much security as they can easily be broken.

Overhead doors

Overhead doors are a staple in warehouses, factories, and large commercial facilities where security is absolutely essential. Being heavy-duty, fire-proof, and wind-resistant, they will not break under pressure and can withstand fire and brutal weather conditions. With a roll-up design, overhead commercial doors can be raised and lowered by turning an electrical switch.

Your budget

How much you are willing to spend on commercial door installation is an important consideration in the door-buying process. Commercial doors of wood material are generally high-priced options. Fiberglass doors are inexpensive compared to wood but less cost-effective than steel and aluminum. Steel doors are cheaper than wood but are more cost-effective because of their longer lifespan. No matter how much your budget is, you would want to strike the right balance between the quality of your commercial door and its price.

Cost of maintenance

Your spending on your commercial door does not stop with the initial cost. Over time, you will have to shell out money on maintenance costs and possible commercial door repair services. That is why it is a good thing to consider how much maintenance a commercial door would require. High-quality steel doors require low maintenance, while wood doors need regular upkeep. Fiberglass and aluminum doors are also very low maintenance options.

Security aspect

Door security should be a top priority when choosing a commercial door. No matter what type of material of door you choose, you should pair it with robust security solutions such as locks. From traditional locks to electronic and keyless locks, commercial locksets come in all different types of functions and finishes. Get in touch with a commercial door locksmith for advice on the right door security solution.

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