Commercial Door Repair Ellicott City

Commercial Door Repair Ellicott City

Project Description

This shop in Ellicott City, MD, called us for a commercial door repair service. Unfortunately, their store's aluminum glass door was swinging too fast and scuffing the floor, as well. The owner was worried the door could hurt someone if it closed too quickly. After careful diagnosis, our door repair experts identified the root of the problem. The door closer was not properly functioning, causing the door to slam shut. In addition, the pivot hinge needed replacing to keep the door from scraping against the bottom saddle. We also found that the floor closer was leaking oil due to the faulty pivot hinge putting too much strain on the threshold. Our technicians made the necessary changes and adjustments to the storefront door pivot. To do this, we had to remove the door from its frame and replace both the pivot hinge and the concealed closer. The client was amazed at how efficiently we completed the task.

A properly functioning commercial door is key to the success of any business. Unfortunately, commercial doors often run into problems ranging from the door itself to the hardware. This hardware includes door hinges and pivots. These components are often just as important as the door itself. Therefore, taking care of any issues with the door hinges right away is crucial.

What Are Door Hinges?

Hinges are a crucial part of a commercial door structure. These components are attached to the door frame and provide the pivot point for opening and closing the door. They come in many shapes and sizes, each designed for different purposes. With so many hinge options, selecting the right one for your door is important. This guide will help you make the best choice.

Different Types of Door Hinges

Mortise or Butt Hinge: The most common type of door hinge in residential and commercial use. This hinge comprises two leaves that are joined by a metal pin. The pin is removable and serves as the pivot point. When the door closes, the leaves "butt" together for a neat look. These hinges are great for lightweight interior and exterior doors.

Ball Bearing Hinge: The best thing about this hinge is that it comes with permanently lubricated bearings. This unique design of the bearing hinge allows for smooth and quiet operation. Likewise, the heavy-duty construction of this hinge makes it ideal for exterior doors. 

Self-Closing Hinge: Features springs that automatically pull the door back to its closed position after you open it. This type of hinge is commonly used in screen doors, garage entry doors, and outward swinging doors. The tension of the springs can be adjusted to your needs.

Piano or Continuous Hinge:  A continuous hinge is a type that evenly distributes weight across its length. That reduces stress and provides more support than other types of hinges. Continuous hinges are available in long, narrow lengths that often match the full length of the door.

Concealed Hinge: This is the perfect choice for a completely invisible look for your doors. Each end of the hinge is mortised into the door and jamb, so it's only visible when the door is open. That makes it a great choice for lightweight interior and exterior doors.

Strap Hinge: This type of hinge consists of a long, narrow leaf that attaches to the door, which pivots on either a pintle or second leaf attached to the door surround. It can be found in both ornate and simple basic styles.

Commercial Door Repair Near Me

Are you having issues with hinges, locks, or rubber seals in your storefront door? There is no need to look far to find someone fixing your door and lock issues. MacArthur Locks & Doors is your trusted choice for commercial door services. Whether it be a minor or major repair, our commercial door specialists will be there in no time. Our team has the know-how, tools, and experience with all types of commercial doors and hardware from all makes and models. We are open seven days a week, including the holidays. Call us today to find out about our lock and door services.

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