A broken commercial door is a matter you would want to solve quickly to keep your business running as usual. Unfortunately, although commercial doors can withstand much use and abuse, some common issues crop up. Ignoring problems with your door can be dangerous and costly. In some cases, it may compromise the safety of your facility. Here are some common commercial door repairs that you should be aware of.

Most Common Commercial Door Repairs

Noisy Door

Commercial doors that slam, squeak, or rattle can prove disruptive to the workplace and make clients feel ill at ease. Noisy commercial doors are often the result of incorrect adjustments, dirt, or moisture. Also, a noisy door can indicate a larger problem that may lead to greater repair expenses. 

A user pulling open a glass commercial door

Slow Door

In a business setting, a slow door can impact productivity and cost you customers and money. The longer your doors take to open, the higher the customer turnover rate. The bottom line is that it directly affects your business. Whether your door is faulty or old, it is time to call a door repair expert for a quick fix or a replacement.

Stuck Door

Commercial doors should be strong and sturdy, but it is equally important that they are easy to use. A commercial door that will not budge can cause big problems for your business. For example, a door that jams shut renders it useless. On the other hand, a door that jams open allows anyone to walk into your facility. 

Warped Door

Door warpage is most common in hollow metal doors, usually resulting from heat. While many business owners ignore the signs of a warping door, they post serious construction issues that must be addressed early on. So to check for early signs of warping, check the doors during the hottest part of the day.

A Gap in Your Door

An uneven gap between a door and the frame can spell disaster for any business. A large or uneven gap can often result from a structural or installation problem. A wide gap between the door panel and the outer frame can result in air leakage, causing drafts that can increase energy costs and decrease comfort.

A door technician installing a commercial door

Issues With Door Closers

Door closers can cause significant issues when they also serve as doorstops. The screws that hold the closer body and arm in place can pull beyond their functional design. That puts excess pressure on the spindle and seals. Instead of using the closer,  install a doorstop to prevent the door from opening too far.

Hire a Professional Service

There are many moving parts and complex mechanisms to most commercial doors, which generally make them quite heavy. Without the right tools, knowledge, or experience, attempting repairs on your own endangers yourself and others on your property. Working with a qualified commercial door expert ensures the work is done correctly.

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