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MacArthur Locks & Doors received a service request from a homeowner in NE Washington, DC, for upgrading their front door lock to something that can be integrated with smart home technology. We sent a locksmith over to determine which type of digital door lock would fit in the existing borehole on their door. After narrowing down their options, the client settled for this Schlage smart deadbolt with a Wi-Fi adapter. We connected the smart lock to the home's Wi-Fi system post-installation and helped them install the app on their smartphone. The client was delighted with their new keypad deadbolt, allowing them to lock and unlock the front door anywhere.

There is no denying that home invasions and burglaries are a huge problem in the United States. It is a legitimate fear for many people who live in both urban and rural areas. That is why using locks and other security devices have become increasingly important. Technology has progressed rapidly over the decades, especially with the advent of IoT-based systems. It has completely changed the way people think and act when it comes to security. As the need for security increases, people turn to smart door security systems to make their homes safer. These new-age locks have several benefits and are useful for homeowners and business owners.

The Advantages of Using a Smart Lock System

Improve accessibility without compromising security.

Do you ever lose your house keys? You can avoid that hassle by getting a smart lock with a keypad. With one of these locks, you will never need to worry about losing your keys or rekeying or changing your locks. Smart locks allow you to unlock your doors with your smartphone using Bluetooth technology. In addition, you can give family members passcodes so you can monitor their comings and goings.

Access your smart lock on mobile devices.

The latest innovation in remote-controlled devices, smart locks come with virtual keys that give guests, relatives, friends, and aging family members access. In addition, you can remotely monitor the entries and exits from your properties as and when you want–all through your smartphone.

Make your home security easier to manage.

Home security is always baffling, but smart locking solutions have made managing it much easier. You can give access to many people and keep track of them with a smart security system. It retains accurate time records of who enters and exits your property. You can download the manufacturer's app and follow the prescribed commands. You can change the passcodes for anyone you want to give access to.

Get notifications directly to your smartphone.

Notifications are another benefit of smart door security systems. You will get notified when your door is unlocked, or someone tries to make an unauthorized entry. You can also see who has locked or unlocked the door and when they did it. It is especially helpful for parents who want to ensure their kids are home safe and on time.

You can still lock and unlock your door manually.

The smart deadbolts come with the traditional locking mechanism for an additional way of locking and unlocking. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth could be complicated for some people, like an elderly family member. In this situation, they can use the smart lock's keypad to enter the passcode or still use a physical key to unlock the door.

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Work with MacArthur Locks & Doors for solutions that ensure your doors are always locked and secured. We offer installation, repair, and replacement services for all types of electronic door locks. We also offer a full range of locksmith services to secure your doors, including rekeying, deadbolt installation, and more. Call us now for free estimates.

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