Commercial Door Lock Repair Bethesda

Commercial Door Lock Repair Bethesda

Project Description

Recent work by MacArthur Locks & Doors included a crucial commercial door lock repair at a Bethesda, MD, business. Over the weekend, there was an attempt at a break-in, which destroyed the exit door locks. Our team moved fast to evaluate and fix the breached security since we could see how urgent the situation was.

Scope of the Commercial Door Lock Repair

Let us take a look at how our locksmith Bethesda experts did this urgent repair:

Initial Assessment of the Lock Damage 

Our locksmiths discovered, upon arrival, that the building’s exit door had a dual-lock system meant to improve security, with a deadbolt and a knob lock. Damage to the lock system, especially around the deadbolt, made it clear that someone had tried to break in. The knob lock also showed signs of tampering, which could have thrown off the internal system. 

In-depth Lock Inspection 

In detail, we gauged the degrees of damage to both locks to find out the exact repairs needed. 

Lock Disassembly

After carefully disassembling the commercial locks, we looked for wear or damage on every part. 

Component Replacement 

To save on a full lock replacement, we only used parts that would work with the existing setups. This way, there was no need to replace the whole lock. 

Reassembly and Testing

After installing the replacement parts, we put the locks back together and ran several tests to verify their security and operation.

Client Reaction

In no time, we fixed the lock problem, which made the client feel relieved and at ease. They thanked us for minimizing interruptions to their business operations by restoring the door’s security without a complete replacement. Our effective response not only restored the property’s physical security but also relieved the stress of the employees following the attempted break-in.

Why Is a Dual Lock System More Secure Than a Single Lock?

For what reason should business owners in Bethesda, MD, choose a dual lock system for their exit doors? It is simple: better protection against break-ins. A stronger barrier for thieves is a dual lock system, which usually has a deadbolt and a knob lock. This combination takes more time and effort to breach, which makes your building much safer.

Think about the risks that come with having only one lock: if it gets broken, anyone can get into your building right away. But if someone messes with one lock on a dual lock system, the other still stands guard, keeping your property secure. This two-layer protection is necessary in business settings where keeping assets safe is a priority.

Thus, it is very important to keep both locks in good shape. Bethesda companies that pay for regular commercial door lock repair make sure that both locks work properly and provide strong security. Make your business safer right now by getting professional lock repair services to make sure your commercial locks are up to the task.

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Is your business in Bethesda, MD, fully protected? Do not wait for a break-in to happen before strengthening your security! At MacArthur Locks & Doors, we specialize in commercial door lock repair services designed to keep your premises safe. Whether it is a routine check-up or urgent repair needs, our locksmith Bethesda experts are ready to assist. Enhance your business security today by choosing MacArthur Locks & Doors, your trusted locksmith in the city. Call us today and secure your property with our professional door and lock services!

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