Commercial Door Repair Chevy Chase

Commercial Door Repair Chevy Chase

Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors recently tackled a commercial door repair in Chevy Chase, MD, after a vandalism incident left the storefront glass shattered. The store owner discovered the damage and reported the incident to the authorities. Within an hour, our team arrived promptly to address the issue. Upon reviewing the security footage, it became evident that deliberate vandalism caused the damage.

Scope of the Commercial Door Repair Process

Here is an overview of what our repair team did to tackle this urgent issue: 

Damage Assessment

We started by assessing the full extent of the impact on the door's glass and frame. We noted the spiderweb pattern of cracks, which suggests a single point of forceful impact. Even though this happened out of the blue, they were still thankful to hear that the broken glass was the only damage to the door's structure.

Glass Removal

With extreme caution, we removed each piece of broken glass to prevent any further safety hazards. Then, after we cleared all the pieces, we prepared the frame for the new glass installation.

Glass Installation

For enhanced security, the client agreed to upgrade to laminated glass, which is more resistant to impacts. On the same day, we fitted the reinforced glass to secure the commercial front door and the whole place. With the new glass installed, we made the building safer and more attractive. 

Final Inspection and Cleanup

After fitting the new glass, we did a full check to make sure everything was safe. Then, we cleaned up the area so there were no traces of debris or residues left behind. 

The quick fix, which took less than two hours, got the store back to how it was before the damage. It made the client feel better and put them at ease. They were really confident about the reinforced glass because it made them feel safer about what might happen in the future. This commercial door repair worked well and made the store safer, which gave the owner peace of mind. 

Why Reinforce Commercial Front Doors With Laminated Glass

Have you ever thought about how easy it would be for someone to break in or damage your commercial front door? In Chevy Chase, MD, where many businesses are looking for proven ways to keep their property safe, adding reinforced glass to front doors has become a popular choice. To make laminated glass, you put a tough layer of plastic right between two sheets of glass. When hit, this type of glass might crack, but it will not break into small pieces. Thus, this glass keeps thieves from getting in right away, as typical glass would.

Lawbreakers will have a harder time breaking through laminated glass, and after a hit, the front of your store will still look good. Burglars and thieves cannot get through because of it, and broken laminated glass is less likely to cause harm to someone. Thus, upgrading to resistant glass, such as laminated or tempered glass, is a smart investment. This security measure is great for any business owner in Chevy Chase who has a lot of foot traffic or is in a high-risk area. It increases security and peace of mind, making sure that your commercial space is always safe.

Door Repair Near Me

Does your storefront door have what it takes to fend off unwanted visitors? Here at MacArthur Locks & Doors, we are all about making sure those commercial front doors in Chevy Chase, MD, are as strong as they can be. Our expert door repair services will make those doors feel new again. Plus, we offer reinforced glass installation that not only improves safety but also maintains the aesthetic appeal of your storefront. Safety and style, all in one package!

So, why not take a bold approach to door security? Do it now and save yourself the trouble later. Call us today for commercial door and locksmith services to keep your space secure and fabulous.

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