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Late at night, a resident at Frederick, MD, in need of a deadbolt lock repair called MacArthur Locks & Doors. According to the client, their deadbolt was stuck, and putting lubricant did not solve the problem. Good thing that our technicians were already servicing another household in the vicinity, and half an hour later, they arrived at the location. Upon inspection, it turned out that it was a decade-old and rusty door lock and that the culprit was the door jamb that needed to be realigned. The homeowner was so pleased with the prompt service that they even scheduled an appointment to have the entire house door lock system replaced a few days later.

Proper door lock maintenance is critical since intruders will likely target homes with broken door locks. Unfortunately, a simple problem like this could be much more severe than you imagine. Therefore it is important not to brush it aside, just like a common issue. In this case, a skilled locksmith should repair or replace a broken deadbolt lock as soon as possible. Hence, asking for assistance from a residential locksmith with extensive experience is best to ensure your safety. Learning more about deadbolt locks and how they work would not hurt. Let us look at when you should repair deadbolts or replace them and when you should hire a pro.

First things first, what is a deadbolt lock?

Deadbolts are the most common lock used by homeowners to keep burglars out of their homes. They are designed to keep your home safe, so keeping this piece of metal well-maintained ensures smooth functioning. In such a case, it is critical to distinguish between a damaged deadbolt and one that needs to be changed, as the latter might put you at risk of burglary or other crime. 

Mechanism of a Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolts provide an added layer of resistance and strength over other locking methods due to their strong locking mechanism. They are composed of pins, a lock cylinder, springs, screws, and faceplates to lock or unlock a door without a handle. These sturdy locks measure roughly six inches in length and three inches in diameter. Only a key or a rotary knob on the lock's interior can be used to open this lock. Because deadbolt locks do not have springs, rotating the key retracts or expands the bolt into the strike plate on the door frame. In addition, they are far more difficult to force open with a crowbar or other tools since they are not spring-loaded. 

When Should Deadbolts Be Repaired?

There are a few instances where you can fix a deadbolt on your own. If the deadbolt keeps getting stuck, for example, it might just require some WD-40. Another instance is when the strike plate and door jamb need to be realigned. Of course, it would be ideal if your lock problem were as simple as the said scenarios that you could fix yourself, but that is not always the case. 

When Should Deadbolts Be Replaced?

Deadbolts have several components that are not evident to the naked eye. If the remedies mentioned above did not work, it might be time to replace them. Here are some typical indications that a deadbolt is broken and should require assistance from a residential locksmith.

The Door Won't Close

The lock not working is one of the first and least evident symptoms that your door is not working properly. Nothing occurs when you turn the key. It becomes stuck. Regardless of your efforts, the door simply swings open.

The Lock Key Spins

On the other hand, when your key is entered into the lock, it spins round and round. This difficulty indicates that there is an obvious fault or that a completely new door lock is required.

Wiggles on the Knob

Even if the door closes properly and the lock appears to function, there could be a problem that compromises home security. A jiggling doorknob indicates that the lock is not working properly. Whether it is an issue with loose screws, bolts, or something else, it is essential to consult a professional as soon as possible. Otherwise, intruders may quickly force open their way in through a door with a damaged deadbolt.

Leave it to the Experts!

If you want peace of mind, you should hire a reputable, skilled residential locksmith to accomplish the task. Furthermore, a locksmith will be able to quickly determine the root of the issue and provide specialized solutions that you will not be able to discover online. Spending a little money on deadbolts that work properly can save you money if the deadbolts fail later.

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MacArthur Locks & Doors is a locally owned and operated company that provides outstanding and reputable service throughout DC and the DMV area. We have a pool of highly qualified specialists with years of expertise. Our residential locksmiths are exceptional in that they are trained to handle common lock and door jobs such as deadbolt lock repair and have an extensive understanding of home security and safety. To top it off, we also provide commercial and automotive locksmith services, as well as door repair and replacement services. Our services are available from 6 am to 11 pm, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. Contact us at (202) 760-4589 to inquire about our services.

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