Strike Plate Replacement Silver Spring

Door Strike-Plate Replacement Silver Spring

Project Description

A homeowner from Silver Spring, MD, called MacArthur Locks & Doors because of a door problem. They wanted a door strike plate replacement because the one on their patio door had been too damaged to work properly. Our residential locksmith found out that the door's lock was not catching onto the strike plate and firmly staying in place. We removed the old strike plate and replaced it with two strike plates: a full lip strike and a deadbolt strike. The homeowner was happy with our speedy service and thanked us for it. Kicking in the door is a common tactic by opportunistic burglars, and strike plates can help deter this type of crime. When a crook tries to kick in a door with a strike plate installed, they find that their kicks are ineffective, and their momentum causes them to fall backward. It gives you time to react and stop the burglary before it can occur. You can do a few things to make it more difficult for burglars to enter your home. One of the essential steps is reinforcing your door with strike plates.

Strike Plate Definition

Heavy duty metal is used to create a strike plate, which is mounted on the doorjamb to secure a door. When the door is shut, its bolt extends into the door strike plate hole or holes, and keeps it securely fastened. You can prevent break-ins by strengthening your door and securing it with the appropriate strike plate. Check that you have a robust deadbolt that functions in unison with the door strike plate. Not all strike plates are created equal, and some door strike plates provide little to no protection against a door kicker. A high-quality door strike plate is a low-tech, cost-effective investment that enhances the security of your entrance doors. Do not buy strike plates made of reinforced plastic and thin materials as they are inferior. Screws must be three inches long or longer for the strike plate to function at its best.

Why Upgrade When Almost All Doors Have a Strike Plate?

There is a solution to improving door security that does not involve upgrading, and it is easy: a door strike plate replacement that is strong and properly placed. Burglars who kick in doors with weak or improperly placed strike plates frequently gain access to the home, leading to theft and damages. However, even the most robust deadbolt and strike plate are of little use if the door jams, hinges, doors, and frames are flimsy. Get a door professional to inspect your doors, especially the main entry, if you are doubtful.

Deadbolt strike plates are helpful for certain types of doors.

Most burglars try to enter homes through the front door. Ensure that you install high-grade locks on all entrances to make it more difficult for a burglar to enter. If a burglar cannot get into your home through the front door, they will likely look for other places to break into than your home.

Why Should You Upgrade to Deadbolt Strike Plates?

For your security, the best type of strike plate is the deadbolt strike plate. Consider upgrading if you do not have this type on your entrances. Even if you have them, if they are metal or reinforced plastic, you should still replace them with better ones. Inspect the frame, locks, and other door security components to ensure your home is as safe as it can be. There are a few things to consider regarding deadbolt strike plates. One is that they offer an added layer of security for your door. Even if you live in a low-crime neighborhood, you are still at risk for a break-in if your home security is inadequate. Second, sturdy, high-quality strike plates can provide you peace of mind and be beneficial for your entrance doors. The ideal approach to reap the rewards of strike plates is to have them professionally installed by a trained residential locksmith if you are not into do-it-yourself initiatives.

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