Door Reinforcer Installation College Park

Door Reinforcer Installation College Park

Project Description

A shop owner in College Park, MD, contacted MacArthur Locks & Doors for help reinforcing their backdoor. They were looking for a solution that would increase the physical security of their backdoor and make it more difficult for someone to break in. Our door specialist recommended installing a door knob with a reinforcing plate. This would prevent the door from splitting if someone tried to kick it in or pry it open. The shop owner was glad their service request was fulfilled quickly, with no hassle, and at an affordable price point.

Did you know that adding reinforcement to your door is a great way to increase its usefulness and safety? However, whether you intend to replace an old door or want to add support to an existing one, you need to consider your door’s security. After all, doors must be able to withstand the strain they are subjected to. Learn these recommendations on how to reinforce a door.

Effective Ways to Reinforce a Door

Strengthening the Door Frame

The first and easiest thing you can do for your door is to replace the standard 1/2 inch screws with 3” to 3.5?? screws initially placed on your door hinges and door strike by the builder. Anyone with experience using a power drill may complete this task quite easily. However, this affordable way to improve your door’s security may not be enough. Burglars are also considering it and making ways to force entry at a higher level. 

Adding a layer of steel to your frame is the most effective way to strengthen it and keep it from breaking. High-gauge steel must be positioned over the door jamb and fastened with long screws to complete installation. The screws must reach the studs in the wall on each side of the doorway. It guarantees that your door jamb is adequately reinforced. You now have a door that is more resistant to kicks.

Additionally, you can replace the complete door frame with a steel door frame and mount it to metal wall studs. If you are not confident installing any of these things, ask a local door specialist like MacArthur Locks and Doors for assistance.

Strengthening the Door’s Edge

The edge of your door is typically its weakest point. The door area where the bolts pass through to lock into the frame. Installing a door wrap around your door will strengthen its edge. A door wrap increases the surface area necessary to distribute the force, making forceful entry practically impossible.

Although not as appealing, larger door wraps provide additional door strength because they distribute the impact more evenly than smaller ones. When strengthening a door composed of metal or solid wood, smaller wraps typically work effectively.

Strengthening the Door Hinges

Most commercial doors have exposed hinges that can be quickly removed, allowing the door to be removed from the frame. In addition, you can think about inserting jamb pins to strengthen the hinges to prevent your door from being dragged off its track.

Every hinge must have a screw removed during installation before a security pin is placed. Remove the screw on the opposite side, where the pin passes through when the door is closed. These pins can secure both metal and wooden doors. 

Installing a More Secured and Stronger Door Lock

Some commercial locks can be easily bumped and picked, just like residential ones. So it would be best if you thought about checking the security of the door lock in your commercial space.

Understanding commercial lock grading is crucial if you need to replace your door lock to get the most efficient high-security lock. Commercial locks are typically graded between Grade 1 and Grade 2. Generally speaking, Grade 1 locks are more robust and long-lasting than Grade 2 locks. Therefore, installing Grade 1 locks for your commercial property is a good idea because they increase door security.

Alternatively, you can strengthen your door by adding high-security cylinders without changing the lock entirely. In a lock, the area where the key goes in is called a cylinder. The additional layer of security provided by high-security lock cylinders for your company is their resistance to snapping. Moreover, security cylinders have the added benefit of making it impossible to duplicate the keys, increasing your doors’ security.

Locksmith near Me

Always afraid and figuring out how to protect your business from possible break-ins? Then, stop worrying because MacArthur Locks and Doors got you covered! Our services as a local locksmith and door company include door reinforcer installation on residential and commercial properties, commercial lock and security, and more.

We have taken pride in offering top-notch customer service in the DMV area through our dependable, highly trained, certified locksmiths. So if you doubt your property’s safety and are still not comfortable doing the above mentioned recommendations, contact us today for help.

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