Door Lock Replacement Rockville City

Door Lock Replacement Rockville City

Project Description

A customer from Rockville, MD, called MacArthur Locks & Doors complaining of a broken door lock. Our locksmith responded immediately and discovered that years of use had damaged the lever handle set on their patio door. Unfortunately, the handleset was not repairable, and a new door lock replacement was the only option. Good thing we had a selection of locks in stock that would be perfect for their needs! The customer browsed our selection of lever handle sets and chose one with a mortise lock. We installed the new handleset immediately, restoring the customer's peace of mind.

Your home is your castle, and you should do everything you can to keep it safe. That includes choosing the right door locks. Unfortunately, with so many types of locks on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. But with some research, you can find the perfect door lock to keep your home safe and secure.

Door knobs

Any area can benefit from the elegance and personality that a door knob brings. There are numerous outstanding designs to choose from, making it simple to find a suitable match for your home. Doorknobs can be fitted with latches that function by rotating the knob in either direction, which is one of the benefits of using them. Door handles are more recent inventions than doorknobs. Therefore, knobs are the way to go if you have a period property or wish to create this effect. Doorknobs in circular shapes are not the only available style. Oval versions are also available, which add elegance and improve grip. Of course, door knobs have downsides, like all other stuff.

Drawbacks of doorknobs:

-A door lever provides more grip than a door knob. Children and some older individuals may therefore find it challenging to use.

-Someone with wet or moist hands may find it challenging to turn doorknobs.

-Many knobs use a push button to lock the door. It is better to avoid using them if there are young children because they can accidentally lock a room door and not know how to unlock it to leave.

Lever Door Handles

A door lever is a horizontal handle to open and close a door. A right-hand door (one that opens to the right) requires a right-hand lever, while a left-hand door requires a left-hand lever. Therefore, it is crucial to double-check that the door lever matches the orientation of the door. Using door levers is considerably simpler than a knob because using them does not require an excellent grip or dexterity. Therefore, they are ideal for anyone with problems grasping door knobs, such as the elderly, kids, and anyone with a physical condition that prevents them from using their hands normally. Combining a deadbolt lock with a lever door handle can increase home security.

Drawbacks of lever handles

- Over time, door levers may need some repair since the constant use may cause the springs holding the lever to become loose. In this situation, a specialist is required to change or repair the fixture.

- A door lever cannot be child-proofed to stop children from opening or shutting the door is a source of concern.

- Imagine how annoying it can be when your clothes snagged on the door lever if you have ever hurried past a door and felt a mighty tug. You can only prevent this by installing knobs or being cautious each time you pass through a doorway.

Door Lock Replacement Service Near me

Due to normal wear and tear, door locks could become more difficult for you to use over time. If you see a problem, call our attention immediately. Every interaction with a customer at Macarthur Door and Locks is held to the highest standards, regardless of whether you consider a door lock replacement or a door repair service. We are proud of our high rate of repeat business and complete client satisfaction.

Since we all have the same demands, you can be sure that Macarthur Doors and Locks will provide a service above and beyond what you expected. Please find out how our expert team can assist you with all of your door lock issues by contacting us.

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