Mortise Lockset SE Washington, DC

Mortise Lockset SE Washington, DC

Project Description

A business owner in SE Washington DC, was concerned about the security of their shop and decided to upgrade their door locks. They contacted MacArthur Locks & Doors for a locksmith service, and we were able to respond quickly. Our locksmiths arrived with the tools needed to complete the job and presented the client with different options for door locks. They opted for lever handle sets with mortise locksets for their shop's main entry door and a high-grade cylindrical lockset for an exterior door. The clients were happy with our responsiveness and the quality of our mortise lockset installation.

Mortise locks are ever popular for their enhanced security features. The longer and thicker mortise box distinguishes mortise locks from their cylinder counterparts, which fit into a pocket cut into the door. It offers additional protection against forced entry. As a result, mortise locks frequently cost more than standard cylinder locks.

It is essential to take precise measurements if you want to replace your current handle set with new mortise hardware. Not all mortise boxes have the exact dimensions, meaning some may not completely enclose the tubular holes that have previously been drilled into your door. Our locks and doors specialists would happily speak with you and find a solution that meets your needs.

What Is the Difference Between a Cylindrical Lock and a Mortise Lock?

Mortise Lock

If you look at the side of a door and see a lengthy plate around the latch bolt, the lock is most likely a mortise lock inserted into a pocket (the mortise) cut into the side of the door.

Cylindrical Lock

If the plate around the latch bolt is too short, you have a cylindrical lock on your hands because a cylindrical lock's body is inserted through the door's face.

Advantages of Mortise Locks

There are many benefits to choosing a mortise lock over a cylindrical lock, such as increased security and durability. The bolts on a mortise lock are more robust, making it more difficult for someone to force entry. Additionally, the deadbolt is incorporated into the lock body, making it even more secure. Another benefit of mortise locks is that they can be released with a simple lever turn, making them convenient and safe.

What is the disadvantage, then? Price. They can cost three to four times as much as a cylindrical lock, which is rather costly.

Advantages of Cylindrical Locks

Mortise locks are often seen as a high-end option with many benefits, but the price tag can deter some. For some people, the extra features of a mortise lock may not be worth the high cost.

Cylindrical locks are less expensive than mortise locks. They also have more straightforward construction, allowing for a faster installation, making them less costly to install as well. Additionally, most doors are pre-drilled for cylindrical locks at the factory. In contrast to installing a new cylindrical lock, retrofitting an old door will likely need boring the door to prepare it for a mortise lock.

There are different types of cylindrical locks available on the market today. Higher-grade levers are designed to withstand high numbers of cycles and can be fitted with heavy-duty bolts for extra security. Consequently, a cylindrical lock is usually your best choice if your door does not need to resist a lot of use and abuse, if security is not a big deal, or if budget is a problem.

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MacArthur Locks & Doors is a company that specializes in mortise locksets installation. Our mortise locksets come in various styles to match any home exterior. With our full-length descriptions, you will be able to know what features are included in each lockset. If you are looking for commercial locksmith services such as lock installation, lock change, and lock rekeying, MacArthur Locks & Doors is a perfect choice. Our customer service team is available 24/7 if you need an emergency locksmith service. Contact MacArthur Locks & Doors today to get started!

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