Lockout Service NW Washington, DC

Lockout Service NW Washington, DC

Project Description

MacArthur Locks & Doors received a call from a homeowner needing a lockout service in Washington, DC. Upon arriving home, they realized they had lost their keys and could not enter their house. We picked the door knob lock to give them access. The client also asked us to rekey the locks on all exterior doors for peace of mind. The locks were still relatively new, so rekeying was more practical than a replacement. They appreciated our efficiency and professionalism in completing the work.

Whether moving into a new house or upgrading the security of your current residence, there are many benefits to rekeying locks. Door locks shoot pins held back by a spring into the keyhole. Replacing the pins ensures that old keys will not work with the new pin configuration. In addition, rekeying a lock entails replacing the unique internal pins without replacing the entire door lock. This process renders the previous keys useless, making rekeying an excellent home security measure.

Lock Rekey Benefits

Easily Resolves Compromised Security

Compromised locks are a big reason to rekey your door locks. Rekeying is advised when you lose a set of keys or fear someone may have a copy of the keys to your home. An expert locksmith can do lock rekeying in 10 to 15 minutes per lock, depending on the kind of locks you have in your home.


Rekeying your locks is much more affordable than replacing them. You do not need to spend money on new hardware and installation fees. Additionally, changing the complete lock may be expensive if you have high-quality locks. Rekeying your door locks will require the service of a professional locksmith, but it will still be less expensive than a new lock installation.

Master Key Option

Having a different key for each room in your house involves carrying many keys. When you rekey your locks, you can ask the locksmith to set up a master key system for all your doors. With a master key setup, a single key can open every door in the house. Additionally, a master key system can prevent key duplication by other people.

Ability to Regularly Change Locks

Rekeying your locks gives you the flexibility to change your locks as often as necessary. You can easily update your property's security whenever required by changing the lock frequently. Additionally, you have control over who has access to what areas of your home.

Preserve Door Aesthetic

Door locks are a style statement that reveals a lot about your tastes as a homeowner. The harmony in your home's overall exterior design can be affected when a door lock is replaced. You can keep your current door design by rekeying the lock instead of replacing it, as a new lock might not go with the existing exterior design. Work with a professional locksmith for high-quality work that will not sully your aesthetic.

Customized Locks

Standard door locks have a generic lock system. Burglars can easily manipulate generic locks by using generic lockpicking tools. Rekeying a lock enables you to alter the internal configurations so that every pin rests in a different location, enhancing the lock's security.

Professional Rekeying Service Washington, DC

Rekeying locks is a quick and easy process with several benefits. If you believe the locks on your doors are insufficient to secure your property, consider rekeying as a service. Call a reputable locksmith to prevent potential problems of rekeying the locks yourself. Consult a licensed locksmith DC if you are uncertain which choice is best for your home.

Locksmith Near Me

A lockout situation at home is more similar to a disaster. Call MacArthur Locks & Doors to save the day. Our skilled locksmith can rekey locks and let you inside your house in just a few minutes. You can be confident that your property will be secured with licensed locksmiths trained to use the most modern rekeying tools. Call us right away for free estimates for any of your locksmith needs.

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