As a business owner, you may have heard of master key systems before. While it can be easy to understand, some business managers might want to know more. Why is a master key system effective, and how can you implement this in your facility? Master key systems have many benefits to offer, some of which might not be too obvious at first. But what do master key systems have to offer, and how can they help you and your business? Before hiring a commercial locksmith, keep reading to see if master key systems are suitable for you.

How Does a Master Key System Function?

A master key system is a plan in which a set of keys can unlock a set of predetermined doors. It aids in better control, reduces key replacement costs, and is more convenient because you can reduce the number of keys in circulation. It also allows security guards and management personnel easy access to respective rooms on the property. That is not only convenient, but it also has the potential to be a lifesaver during an emergency. Having fewer keys means you do not have to fumble around for the key you need. You may only need fewer keys for this system, depending on your needs.

What Are the Types of Keys in a Master Key System?

First, there are sub-master keys. This key is also known as a change key. It will only open one lock and any identical locks. The master key and any key above that rank can also open the lock that the change key opens.

To convert a simple lock to a master-keyed lock, you will need a master key. Depending on the system, it can be the highest-ranking key. A master key is commonly abbreviated as ‘MK.’

You can use a grand master key to access several master key systems. This key can unlock every master system and change the keys under those systems. This master key will usually be abbreviated as ‘GMK.’

Finally, a great grand master key will open all of the grand master key systems beneath it and the master key and change keys under them. This system can continue until the locks become too complex to use correctly.

What Are the Benefits of a Master Key System?

These systems provide an array of benefits. Namely, it offers convenience, cost-efficiency, and security. However, when your staff carries many keys, it can be inconvenient for your business. Similarly, you can limit access depending on an employee’s position and responsibilities within the facility. Different levels of restricted entry are made possible with a master key system. There can also be a tiered level of access when you implement a master key system in your facility.

This single-key access system is also more efficient as it reduces initial costs and future expenses for key replacement. And to keep your business a little more secure, having a master key system ensures that you have total control over the distribution of keys. That is also convenient for business owners and employees, as having fewer keys means fewer worries. In addition, getting around the facility is more manageable, and key replacement is less of a hassle.

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